And now a tax on vaping too

Many people have managed their nicotine and smoke addiction by moving from now super-expensive tobacco to cheaper vaping syrups. But at the end of October budget, the chancellor, Phillip Hammond, decided to tax vaping as well.

Smoking Cessation in SuttonMaybe that’s a good thing. Vaping was once thought to be pretty harmless, but research shows that it causes a nasty condition called popcorn lung. Also vape syrups are full of sugar, just as most tobaccos are. Sugar is now not classed as just empty calories, but the driver behind the nation’s diabetes crisis. So, even if you are super careful about not eating sugar, if you smoke or vape, you are still getting a pretty substantial sugar hit every time you indulge.

Smoking is really bad for your teeth and mouth, and vaping, with all that sugar, isn’t exactly great either. If you want to hang onto your teeth, and avoid gum disease and other nasties such as oral cancer, then maybe now is the time to stop the whole nicotine merry-go-round and get some help with smoking cessation from us at Benhill Dental Practice in Sutton.

If you’d like to know more about what smoking does to your mouth, we’d be more than happy to tell you. We can also support you with giving up smoking.

Smoking and mouth cancer

Let’s be clear, smoking is the main cause of mouth cancer. And if you drink alcohol when you smoke, you are even more likely to get mouth cancer. Mouth cancer is caused by changes in the cells in the mouth, which then start grow out of control. Carcinogens get into the cells when you smoke, and get in even more easily when they have been dissolved into alcohol if you are smoking and drinking.

You are likely to develop mouth cancer in your 50s and 60s and early 70s. Tumours can grow on any soft tissue in your mouth, and also in your head and neck. Mouth cancer screenings can check for tumours in just a few minutes. Treated early, mouth cancer is easily dealt with, either with surgery or other therapies.

It’s time to quit

Deciding to stop smoking is probably one of the best decisions you can make for your health, and your dentist can increase your chances of success hugely. With the help of your dentist in Sutton, smoking cessation will play a key role in protecting your oral and overall health.

At Benhill Dental Practice, our dentists help patients quit smoking by offering personal support and encouragement. Our dentists can also prescribe stop-smoking medications where helpful, and will happily explain the oral and overall health benefits of quitting smoking as soon as possible.

Smoking Cessation in SuttonCan I do it alone?

It may come as a surprise to hear, but four out of 10 smokers will attempt to quit their smoking habit during the course of a year, but the withdrawal symptoms of nicotine can be so severe that many will fail on their first attempt and will return to their previous smoking habits.

Nicotine addiction involves both psychological and physical factors. This means that smoking cessation intervention will require a systematic approach in order to succeed. This involves assessing our patients’ readiness, motivating their health behaviour changes and developing a co-operative treatment plan.

How can a dentist help?

We believe our dentists are in a unique position to intervene early on because they can literally see the damage smoking can do to the mouth and surrounding areas. Smoking is associated with mouth cancer and our dentists can detect early changes, such as lesions, that may appear because of oral cancers.

As experts in oral health, our highly trained dentists can easily spot the damage tobacco does to the mouth and teeth. Smokers will also tend to suffer from bad breath, stained teeth and even a dry mouth.

People who smoke are also three times more likely than non-smokers to have severe gum disease. Fortunately, oral diseases associated with smoking are more obvious to the eye than other conditions. This can give our dentists an advantage over other health-care professionals in identifying patients who could be at risk because of smoking, and puts us in a good position to encourage the conversation about quitting this deadly habit.

What is smoking cessation?

Smoking cessation is the process a person completes in order to quit smoking tobacco. According to studies, 70% of people who smoke tobacco would like to quit and 50% have tried to quit in the last 12 months. Smoking is the leading cause of death in the world where the death could have been prevented. It greatly affects health and drastically increases the chances of heart disease and lung cancer.

smoking-cessation-in-suttonDentists and smoking cessation

Dentists can now play a major role in helping people to quit smoking. Dentists see people affected by smoking constantly, can see the negative effects it has in their patients’ mouths and they know that a lot of patients will trust their advice. At Benhill Dental Practice we offer smoking cessation in Sutton to our patients; it’s important that as dentists we advise you of the risks related to smoking tobacco and support you with regards to quitting. Oral health is greatly benefitted when tobacco use is minimised and you will notice some positive changes. It’s important for you to a check in at the clinic often so you can receive support and information from a dental professional.

The damage smoking does to your mouth

Smoking tobacco has a very bad effect on teeth and gums and tobacco chemicals make smokes more receptive to getting gum disease. Benhill Dental Practice offer our patients in Sutton smoking cessation as patients come to the practice regularly with dental health problems associated with smoking. Some of these problems are: sores in the mouth, bad breath, teeth stains and a hairy tongue. In addition to these problems, tobacco smoking is the number one cause of cancer in the mouth and it causes numerous deaths each year.

We provide smoking cessation in Sutton to patients needing advice and assistance. The practice has fully trained advisers to help you throughout your journey to quit smoking, supporting you from beginning to end. To find out more information about smoking cessation in Sutton, or to make an appointment with a trained adviser, please do not hesitate to contact the clinic. With the right help and support, you could quit smoking for good.

Smoking Cessation

As well as being bad for your health in general, smoking tobacco products such as cigarettes, pipes or cigars has negative effects on your dental health. Smoking affects the gum tissue cells, which means that smokers are more likely to develop gum and periodontal diseases.

smoking cessationSmoking also stains the teeth and can cause bad breath, shrinking gums, sores in the mouth and even jaw bone loss. It is also the lead cause of mouth cancer, which kills about 2,700 people in the UK every year and has a high proportion of number of deaths per number of cases diagnosed, because of late diagnosis.

Many people who smoke would like to give up, or at least cut down. At Benhill Dental Practice we understand how difficult this can be, which is why we offer a smoking cessation service to help those interested in quitting or cutting down to reach their goal.

There are many products available to help you cut down or give up smoking. It’s important to find the best product or products to suit your personal needs and lifestyle, and our smoking cessation service can help you find the best option. Many of these products help to reduce nicotine cravings by delivering nicotine in another way.

Choices include:

  • Nicotine patches – heavy smokers may benefit by staring out with a 24-hour patch
  • Inhalators – these resemble plastic cigarettes and enable you to inhale nicotine
  • Nicotine chewing gum
  • Lozenges or strips – placed under the tongue to combat nicotine cravings
  • Mouth and nasal sprays

The best option for you will depend on your individual needs, and we will be able to help you discover what may work well for you. Some patients find it beneficial to combine two or more options to help them kick the habit for good.

To find out how we can help you to give up or cut down on smoking, get in touch with a member of our team today.