Do you have healthy gums in Sutton?

We often hear lately about the huge proportion of people who do not have healthy gums in Sutton and find that they spit blood after they have brushed their teeth or experience some degree of swelling or pain in their gums over time.


Many of us brush this issue aside, as it is common and a complication that does not directly impact your lifestyle or your health and wellbeing. Unfortunately, if you do not have healthy gums in Sutton, then you are likely to experience ongoing issues with your health as a result and we urge you to mention it to your dentist when you pop in for your routine biannual checkup, so that we can quickly and easily address the issue for you.

Even though this is one of many things in life that we tend to put aside for another time, it does play at the back of our minds and, like anything else, these small concerns can gradually build up and play a part in your emotional wellbeing, as well as your physical health. There comes a time when addressing these issues allows you to take that weight off your shoulders and knowing that you are caring for yourself properly can make you feel a whole lot better and allow you to spend more time doing the things you love.

Why is having good oral health so important?

Healthy gums in Sutton are very important because they are essentially supporting cushions for your teeth which need to be strong and healthy in order for your teeth to be healthy. Underlying gum disease, if left untreated, can lead to periodontitis which affects the entire tooth and can eventually result in teeth loss, so you really need to address the concern quickly in order to ensure your smile is as healthy as it can be.

How can I care for my gums?

We often suggest that you see a professional who cleans your teeth with specialised tools as well as visiting a dentist for general maintenance and health checks. This hygienist will remove the plaque and tartar that may be present on your teeth and can damage your gums if cemented for too long.

They will also work on improving the quality of your gums so that they are able to be the supporting cushions to your teeth that they need to be and thus improve the overall health of your smile. A lot of the care can be done by you and we will provide you with specific information and instructions that you can follow that are designed to help your personal and unique situation. It could be that we recommend you use a softer toothbrush or clean your teeth in a certain way, using a preferable toothpaste.

We might also suggest that you come in to see us more frequently so we can better monitor any changes to your teeth and gums, we can then react quickly should they deteriorate too quickly for your overall health and wellbeing.

However we can and will work together with you to help you to achieve a healthier and happier smile.

How can I keep my healthy gums in Sutton?

It takes a committed and experienced professional to provide you with the right kind of service and advice to ensure that you can maintain your healthy gums in Sutton. Furthermore you do need to enlist the service of either a dentist or a specialised professional who uses specific tools to keep your teeth clean.


These professionals are charged with a duty of care to keep your teeth clean so that you can have healthy gums in Sutton because having healthy teeth enables your gums to be clean, strong and healthy as well.

Interestingly, healthy gums in Sutton have been linked with reducing the instances of other conditions in the body; a clear observation of how our bodies are holistic entities. Gum disease and heart disease do show signs of having a reputable link, although researchers and dentists cannot quite pinpoint the reason behind the occurrence.

So, if you are wondering why it is so important to keep your gums healthy and to have a bright, clean smile then consider looking beyond the aesthetic implications of an unhealthy smile and delving into understanding why your gums are so important.

Why are my gums so important?

Your gums act as cushions to your teeth. Their role is to surround the lower part of your teeth where they connect to your jaw and help to support them in many ways. This area is very sensitive and our gums are there to protect them. Where our teeth meet our jaw also needs to be stabilised and secured, a role that is supported by your gums as well.

When your gums become inflamed, red or they bleed when you brush them, it can be a sign of gingivitis, otherwise known as gum disease. If you leave gingivitis untreated, it can worsen into another kind of infection called periodontitis which affects your entire tooth. If nothing is done, you may find that you are susceptible to losing those teeth in the affected area which can be a major and detrimental change to your wellbeing.

It is only when we lose our teeth or begin to suffer with poor oral health do we truly recognise the importance of a healthy smile. Not only does an unhealthy smile take its toll on us physically, but a lot of our self esteem is hung on our appearance. We unconsciously judge one another on the appearance of our smile frequently as it is one of the biggest factors in a first impression.

How can I care for my gums?

It is important to brush your gums when you brush your teeth so that you can physically remove the debris that builds up in the small spaces between teeth and gum.

You should also ensure that you visit a professional who cleans your teeth as often as you see a dentist. By removing the buildup of plaque and tartar with specialised tools and providing actionable tips that can help you maintain or improve your oral health, you will be able to enjoy your smile for many years to come.

How to achieve healthy gums in Sutton

Healthy gums may be overlooked by many of our patients, however, they are critical when attempting to maintain a high standard of general oral health! If you are an individual who is searching for a happy (and therefore healthy!) smile, then healthy gums in Sutton could be a good place to start!


Taking care of your smile

At our dental clinic situated in Sutton, our experienced team of dental healthcare professionals take huge pride in the impeccable standard of dentistry they offer to our patients. In addition to the passion of dental care all of our dental specialists share, they also help our patients stay on top of their dental hygiene, therefore maintaining their healthy gums in Sutton.

Staying on top of your dental health

Many patients may believe that maintaining an adequate dental hygiene regime in the comfort of their own home could be enough to get rid of unwanted tartar on the surface of their teeth. Unfortunately, however, this may not necessarily be the case! In addition to brushing twice daily (for a minimum of two minutes) with a fluoride toothpaste, there are further measures that should be taken to ensure patients stay up to date with the health of their smile!

Taking the first step to a cleaner smile

Many patients may unfortunately overlook their bi-annual check-up at their local clinic (this may be due to several factors, such as a fear of the dentist, or the belief that they possess a healthy smile) but this can have a detrimental effect on their dental health. If you are a patient who is considering postponing (or even cancelling their dental appointment altogether) then you may wish to know what to expect during a dental hygiene appointment.

What to expect from a visit to our Benhill Dental Practice

Many of our patients may experience anxiety at the thought of a visit to their local clinic, which is why our team of dental specialists strive to make our patients feel as comfortable as possible within the walls of our dental practice. In addition to the standardised oral assessments many of our patients may expect (such as checking each individual tooth for cavities or signs of decay, to name just a few common examples) our team will also administer several procedures to ensure our patients’ mouths stay clean and healthy!

What is a scale and polish?

A scale and polish is considered as common practice within the world of dental hygiene and is also commonly referred to as a ‘cosmetic clean’. Using a combination of special dental brushes and pastes our team will remove any built-up plaque from the surface of your smile!

What causes tartar on the surface of the teeth?

The accumulation of oral bacteria on the surface of the teeth is extremely common with patients of all ages, many individuals however may be unsure of the exact cause! The accumulation of sugary food and drink can build up on the surface of the teeth (if not removed to a high enough standard when brushing). Over time this can harden into a layer of plaque on the surface of the patient’s smile!

The importance of healthy gums in Sutton

When we think of oral care, the first thing that comes to mind is the teeth and we may often gloss over the importance of the gums. In fact, the gums play a vital role in keeping the teeth protected and well-cushioned as they fit into the bone. We at Benhill Dental Practice know how important it is to look after them with the same care and attention that you give your teeth; to have healthy gums in Sutton is to have good overall oral health and they are not to be overlooked.


Problems with the gums

Gum disease begins with bacterial growth in your mouth that forms in the plaque buildup on the teeth. This can develop with anyone and has at least two stages where you will notice its effects:

Gingivitis – A mild form of gum disease that affects the part of the gum that is in direct contact with the base of the tooth, gingivitis can cause redness, swelling, and even bleeding and if left untreated can turn into periodontitis.

Periodontitis – This is a serious gum infection that affects all of the gum surrounding the tooth and damages the soft tissue of this area by pulling the gum away from the tooth. Forming a pocket that fills with more plaque and bacteria which then eats away at and destroys the bone surrounding the tooth, if it goes untreated it can cause the tooth to become loose and fall out.

What causes gum disease

For healthy gums in Sutton you need to understand the causes of gum disease in order to help you possibly avoid gingivitis:

Hormone changes – during menopause, pregnancy, or even menstruation can make the gums more sensitive and put them at a higher risk of picking up a bacterial infection.

Immune disease – diseases that attack your body’s own immunity will put the gums at a higher risk of picking up a bacterial infection that caused gingivitis.

Medications – Some medications can lessen the flow of saliva and cause a dry mouth. In this case, it is easier to get gum disease because the natural functions that keep your mouth clean are lessened.

Tobacco – Smoking, and dipping make it difficult for the gums to heal themselves and as they are under a constant attack from these products; you are far more likely to get gingivitis than those who do not partake.

Poor oral hygiene – Bad habits like not brushing and flossing on a daily basis can lead to a build-up of plaque which is the perfect place for gingivitis, causing bacteria to breed.

Treatment at the dentist

It is important to visit your dentist regularly to make sure you maintain healthy gums in Sutton and if you experience any changes in your gum health then we encourage patients to seek medical advice before allowing the situation to worsen.

Prevention at home

Maintaining a good oral hygiene regimen daily will keep the gums healthy and the teeth plaque-free and not allow plaque to sit long enough to grow bacteria: brush, floss and, rinse daily to keep on top of your gum health.

Why are healthy gums in Sutton necessary for oral health?

It’s not just your teeth that must be properly taken care of, but also your gums. By neglecting your gums, you’re at risk of developing gum disease, which can sometimes, it’s believed, exacerbate the symptoms of people with pre-existing medical conditions, such as diabetes or dementia. 


At Benhill Dental Practice, we try to educate the public not just about how to keep gums healthy, but to also identify the first signs of gum disease for early treatment.

In this article, we’ll answer your most pressing questions. ‘Why are gums so important?’ ‘What diseases can you contract?’ ‘How can you prevent them from occurring?’

What role do gums play?

Gums are a cushy tissue that surrounds your teeth. The role of gums is not just to protect your teeth, but also your underlying bone from infection. Essentially, healthy tissue acts as a barrier against disease-causing oral bacteria.

If you don’t adhere to dental hygiene best practices, your gums can no longer protect your teeth from the onslaught of germs effectively, which can result in significant tooth loss.

What is gingivitis?

Gingivitis is a gum disease in its infancy stages. The condition is caused by bad attention to oral health, which can include infrequent brushing. This can cause a situation where bacteria-housing plaque accumulates on the surfaces of your teeth while causing gum inflammation.

If gingivitis is not treated in time, periodontitis occurs. This advanced infection has the potential to destroy a tooth’s bony structure, resulting in avoidable tooth loss.

How do I know if I have gingivitis?

The first signs of gingivitis are swollen gums that bleed easily when you brush, floss, or eat.

Other more advanced symptoms include receding gums, bad breath, and gum sensitivity.

Can gum disease be treated and reversed?

Disease-causing bacteria can be eradicated from your mouth with a deep clean called ‘scaling and root planing’. This procedure entails using tools to scrape bacteria from the surfaces and roots of your teeth.

Antibiotics may be needed if the gum disease is already advanced.

What are some preventive measures I can take to ensure healthy gums in Sutton?

Brush and floss daily

Brush and floss twice a day without fail. Dedicate two to three minutes to every brush. Flossing is necessary, not an optional extra, because it can reach food that’s trapped in the crevices of your teeth.

If you have wide gaps between your teeth or have bridges, we recommend that you use interdental brushes.

Give up smoking

Findings have shown that smoking is a risk factor for gum disease, with smokers at higher risk than non-smokers.

Watch your diet

What you eat affects the overall state of your mouth. By giving up sweets, sugary drinks and takeaways, and instead opting for a diet rich in vegetables, legumes, nuts, and fatty fish, your dental health will vastly improve.

Don’t skip your scheduled dental appointments

Your dentist or dental hygienist can clean your teeth, remove harmful bacteria, and spot the first signs of gum disease before the condition worsens.

Remember, gum disease is both preventable and reversible! Take care of your mouth for healthy gums in Sutton.

Dental anxiety: what to do if you’re a nervous patient

If just the thought of visiting the dentist brings you feelings of dread and terror, you might be suffering from dental anxiety. The fortunate news is that you’re not alone; many individuals suffer from this to a degree. The bad news is that dental anxiety can affect your oral health.


At Benhill Dental Practice, we’re trained to treat nervous patients in Sutton and will help you to put your mind at ease during your checkups with us.

If you’re searching for reading material to encourage you to overcome this relevant and commonly experienced problem, read on.

Why am I like this?

Many people could be classified as nervous patients in Sutton and having dental anxiety doesn’t appear randomly, but can result from the following.

  • You might be going through trauma, caused by an early childhood experience with another dentist or medical practitioner.
  • You might have a fear of pain, the unknown, or anxieties over gagging.
  • You don’t not like being in control.
  • You hate your personal spaces being invaded, and having a dentist operating from your mouth can be extremely invasive.

How can I ease my dental anxiety?

Avoiding the dentist is the worst thing for nervous patients in Sutton, as avoidance behaviour only exacerbates minor dental issues, turning them into more significant ones.

To the contrary, seeing the dental practitioner regularly is the best thing for nervous patients in Sutton. If you take care of your teeth, and there are no underlying issues, these checkups are straightforward and wonderfully non-memorable.

Walking through the doors of your local dentist; easier said than done, right? Here are some helpful tips you can look into to help you remain relaxed and composed, and to make the situation less of a personal ordeal.

  • Find a local dentist practitioner experienced with ill-at-ease patients, a doctor specialised in dental anxiety is an even better choice.
  • If you’re seeing a new dentist, be upfront about your problem. That way, they can readjust the treatments and procedures as needed.
  • Ask if you can have a look around the dentist’s office before your visit. That way you can get a feel of the place before your appointment.
  • Bring a friend along with you, as having the support will help you. If it’s alright with your dental practitioner, ask if they can sit in the room with you while you get your procedure done.
  • Schedule an initial consultation first before you get any procedures done. That way, you can build rapport with your dentist. Feeling comfortable in their presence will make the experience easier.
  • Choose an appointment time in the morning. That way you won’t spend the whole day overthinking and ruminating about your upcoming appointment.
  • Meditate or employ breathing techniques to help you relax.
  • Listening to your favourite tunes to help distract you and will also drown out the clinical sounds associated with the dentist.
  • Ask about conscious sedation if you don’t think you can go through the appointment using more holistic methods. Conscious sedation will help you relax but make you feel drowsy. Make sure you don’t drive home afterwards.

What are veneers in Sutton?

Veneers are a form of cosmetic dentistry which aims to improve the aesthetic appearance of an individual’s teeth,and therefore their smile. Veneers are essentially wafer thin caps which are adhered to the front surface of a patient’s teeth. Porcelain veneers are an extremely popular cosmetic option, and for good reason! Despite common misconception, porcelain veneers are extremely simple to adhere, and can be administered within one single dental appointment.  


Are veneers in Sutton right for me?

Patients who are suffering from stained teeth may be eligible for veneers at our dental clinic, Benhill Dental Practice in Sutton. Extrinsic and intrinsic staining of the teeth can be caused by certain lifestyle factors, such as smoking, which can cause yellowing of the enamel, as well as the consumption of highly pigmented food and drink, things like curry, coffee, and red wine. If you are a patient who is suffering from ‘yellowing’ then you may look towards tooth whitening, which can be a perfect solution for patients who are suffering from moderate staining.

For patients who are experiencing more severe staining, tooth whitening might not address the issue sufficiently  Porcelain veneers may therefore be a perfect solution for patients with seriously stained teeth.

A popular form of cosmetic dentistry

Apart from yellow teeth, veneers in Sutton may also be a perfect solution for chipped, fragmented, or generally damaged teeth, all of which can be caused by poor diet or by accident. In addition to stained, or decayed teeth, veneers may be perfect for patients who are suffering from spacing or ‘gaps’ of the teeth. Many patients who are suffering from irregular spacing of the teeth may not always find the answer through the use of orthodontics, such as traditional metal braces, veneers therefore may be a viable option.

Working around you

At our clinic in Sutton we treat every individual patient as a unique case. All of our patients are different, their dental cases therefore also vary greatly. Our porcelain veneers strive to improve the aesthetic appearance of our patients’ teeth, and by extension their smile, which is why they are custom made. Our cosmetic dentistry is matched perfectly to the exact shape, and shade of a patient’s surrounding teeth, meaning they appear to be as natural as possible. 

What to expect from your treatment process

Many patients may feel more comfortable knowing what to expect from their dental appointment, whether this be a regular dental appointment, or a more extensive dental procedure. Many of our more nervous patients may feel better receiving a tour of our clinic (which can be arranged) as well as voicing their concerns within an initial consultation, both of which are always welcomed.

The first step

For any dental procedure, an initial consultation is always recommended first, this ensures we can determine the best possible treatment for our patients, and the correct way to commence treatment. Once you have attended your initial consultation, we can give your teeth a thorough examination,and therefore create your custom-made porcelain veneers!

How they work

Porcelain veneers are wafer thin and fit perfectly on our patients’ natural teeth, however first a small layer of the natural tooth has to be filed down (using a special dental drill). Once the natural teeth are prepared for the veneers, they can be adhered using a special dental glue adhesive, and that’s all there is to it! Our dental clinic aims to make our dental procedures as simple and as comfortable as possible.

What are white fillings?

White fillings are essentially a more discreet form of traditional metal amalgam filling, and they have risen dramatically in popularity due to their subtle appearance. White fillings in Sutton are made from a composite material, which is a mixture of glass and tooth coloured resin, and can be used to deal with decayed, fragmented, or broken teeth within the mouth.

How do white fillings work?

In terms of the way in which they work, enamel and dentine bonding techniques are used to restore the aesthetic appearance, and physical function of teeth within the mouth. Both types of fillings work in the same way, by moulding to the hole in the tooth and restoring its dental health and function rapidly. White fillings could be considered as more complicated to administer than traditional metal fillings, and can take roughly fifteen to thirty minutes to place within the mouth.

Why may I choose to receive white fillings in Sutton?

Individuals who may lean more towards receiving white fillings at our dental clinic may be suffering from a cavity or even several cavities which need rectifying. Cavities for many patients can be extremely common, and are caused by bacteria which breaks down the patient’s tooth matter. Despite the frequency with which cavities occur, it is important for your oral health to receive a filling, in order to prevent the further decay of the surrounding teeth. Patients may lean more towards white composite fillings rather than traditional metal fillings due to the lack of mercury within the material, which has rumoured links to possible health concerns.

Why choose us to receive your white fillings?

Patients may choose our dental clinic to receive their white fillings in Sutton for many reasons, one of which being our excellent standard of dental care we offer. Our dental clinic has been providing patients with dental care for over eighty years, we are unique in the way that we offer our patients the choice of both private and National Health Service dentistry. We believe our friendly and professional approach to dental care ensures our patients feel at ease when receiving dental care at our clinic (even those who may be suffering from dental anxiety, or dental phobia).

What is dental anxiety?

Dental anxiety (also commonly known as a dental phobia) can be sprung by unwanted childhood dental memories. It is important to remember that if you are suffering from anxiety within a dental or orthodontic environment, that you are not alone.

How much do white fillings cost?

The cost of a patient’s filling treatment may depend greatly on the number of cavities within the patient’s mouth.

Are white fillings available under the National Health Service?

At our dental clinic within Sutton we are frequently asked about the costing of cosmetic dentistry (such as white fillings) and whether they are accessible on the National Health Service. White fillings are considered to be cosmetic due to their aesthetically pleasing physical appearance, and are unfortunately therefore only available at our clinic under private dental fees.

Your guide to teeth whitening in Sutton

A brighter and whiter smile can make a huge difference not only to your self-esteem and how you feel within yourself, but also how others view you and your health. People do tend to associate a healthy mouth and body with having brilliant and white teeth, so what better way to bring about a positive change to a smile than by having teeth whitening in Sutton?


Dull, stained, yellowing teeth can have a significant impact on your confidence and could be the reason why you don’t smile as much as you should. If you feel that you are constantly conscious about the appearance of your smile and dislike any staining or discolouration that you may have, then come and speak with us about it today.

We routinely suggest to our patients that a combination of teeth whitening in Sutton, frequent dental check-ups and hygiene visits will give you the best chance at having beautiful, strong and healthy teeth. When you approach us for your routine checkup, speak to us about your displeasure with your stained and discoloured teeth so that we can walk you through the process of how we can brighten and whiten your smile quickly and effectively.

There are two kinds of teeth whitening in Sutton that is available for you to choose from. The first can be done in the dental chair in a matter of minutes. The other option allows you to take a whitening kit home with you so that you can whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home, usually overnight.

There are advantages to both treatment options and is completely up to you what option you feel will be most suitable for your current lifestyle. We can discuss both options in depth so that you are able to make an informed decision.

Our treatment service offered in the practice

Within an hour, you can expect to find your teeth several shades whiter, without having to do anything but simply sit back and relax. Results are variable depending on the kind of staining that you have. This is great for a confidence boost that is ideal for an important night out where you want to look your best.

This in-practice treatment plan starts with an assessment of your staining so that we can give you a good guideline as to what you should expect. We then protect the gums and lips with a barrier and create a mould of your teeth to where we add a gel. This gel is much stronger than your alternative at-home treatment option but is used for a very short amount of time.

We then place a UV lamp directly on to your teeth which activates the bleaching process.

The at home whitening option

We will provide you with the same custom-made mouth tray that fits perfectly and snugly over your teeth. This enables you to keep the gel on your teeth where it belongs as it can hurt gums and lips and be unpleasant to taste. You should place the gel inside the tray and wear it overnight or otherwise for several hours at your convenience.

Need help with smoking cessation? 3 reasons to come to Benhill Dental Practice to help kick the habit

Chances are, if you are a smoker, you are probably fed up to your back teeth with healthcare professionals lecturing you on the health benefits of giving up. While giving up smoking is a great step towards improving your overall health, it is considered one of the hardest things to do without the correct help.

smoking-cessation-suttonStatistically, people who have help from multiple healthcare professionals are more successful in quitting this habit and have better long term outcomes thanks to medical intervention.

It may seem strange to approach a dental professional when you are trying to quit smoking, but remember, smoking impacts on your oral health too and so many dental surgeries are now offering help to their patients.

At Benhill Dental, our team is proud to be able to offer smoking cessation in Sutton and are eager to provide advice and support to our patients who are wanting to give up smoking for good!

So, what are the benefits of attending Benhill Dental for help with smoking cessation in Sutton? Read on to find out!

Referrals and advice

As previously mentioned, when you choose to give up smoking, you are more likely to succeed long term with appropriate medical help and advice. Our dental team, who specialise in smoking cessation in Sutton, can refer you to external stop smoking centres or groups if required, and provide you with targeted advice on the best ways to give up smoking in a non judgemental way.

We are aware that while there is a physical addiction to manage, there may be an underlying psychological aspect too. If this is the case, we can advise you on how to manage both and provide you with information about local counselling groups.

Open communication

After we have assessed your mouth, we will highlight to you the concerns we may have and break them down for you in a jargon free manner. We will not use shock tactics to scare you into quitting but will talk you through the benefits and explain how stopping smoking will improve any dental issues that we may have identified. Our team will also explore your reasons for wanting to quit and provide you with the motivation you need when you are feeling overwhelmed.

Very Brief Advice or VBA

As mentioned earlier, you have probably heard a million times from healthcare professionals the health benefits of giving up smoking and the dangers of not doing so. Research shows that long, drawn out lectures have no impact on an individual’s ability to quit smoking, so cessation teams in dental surgeries are now implementing the ‘Very Brief Advice’ or VBA tactic.

This consists of a member of our team highlighting the issues associated with smoking in an informative, non-judgemental manner and then signposting you to appropriate services, all in under 30 seconds! By not making a big thing out of your smoking habit and leaving the ball in your court so to speak, you are more likely to contact external cessation services or attend our surgery for further help and advice.