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Establishing a good dental health and hygiene regime starts at an early age. By getting your child used to seeing the dentist from about the age of three, you will help them to see the experience as an regular occurrence and nothing to be nervous about. You will also help them to have good dental health for life.

We recommend that parents bring their children for regular dental check-ups from about the age of 6 months old. This will familiarise them with the dental practice and get them used to letting the dentist look at their teeth. If your child is under the age of three but you have concerns about their dental health, or if they have experienced an injury to their teeth or mouth, you should book an appointment to see the dentist as soon as possible.

At your child's appointment we will examine their teeth and gums for any problems, and may apply fissure sealant – a thin coating of plastic that covers the back teeth to help prevent particles of food getting trapped in the grooves – and fluoride varnish – which strengthens the tooth enamel, helping to make teeth more resistant to decay.

Our Dentist Dr Alexandra Fivey enjoys treating children and making dentistry fun and interactive. Having had had additional training she is able to offer private placement of stainless steel crowns for children.

Our Hygienist Rachael, also sees children as private patients and helps educate children about good dental hygiene.

What our Patients say

What our Patients say

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