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The Crucial Role of Dentists: Smoking Cessation in Sutton

As a trusted dental practice, here at Benhill Dental Practice, we are not just about filling cavities and cleaning teeth. We play a critical part in your overall health, including the journey towards smoking cessation Sutton. Smoking has significant implications for dental health. However, many individuals are unaware of the oral health risks associated with smoking. Therefore, we take it upon ourselves to educate our patients about these risks, serving as a catalyst in their choice to quit smoking. By providing both support and solutions, we empower our patients in their smoking cessation journey. This commitment to holistic health care is what sets us apart and allows us to contribute to a healthier, smoke-free Sutton.

Understanding the Damage: How Smoking Impacts Dental Health


At Benhill Dental Practice, we believe in the power of knowledge. Understanding the damage caused by smoking on dental health is the first step towards smoking cessation. Patients who smoke may suffer from gum disease, tooth loss, and even oral cancer. Moreover, smoking can lead to dental plaque, tooth discolouration, and persistent bad breath. It can also reduce the success rate of dental procedures and slow healing after oral surgery. By illuminating these risks, we aim to encourage our patients to consider the benefits of quitting smoking, thus protecting their oral health and overall wellbeing. This approach is essential to our commitment to promoting a healthier lifestyle in Sutton.

Our Approach to Smoking Cessation at Benhill Dental Practice

Our approach to smoking cessation at Benhill Dental Practice is focused on support, understanding, and a personalised treatment plan. We understand that quitting smoking can be a challenging journey, which is why we are here to help our patients every step of the way. We assist by providing resources and advice on managing cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Additionally, we closely monitor our patients’ oral health and utilise various treatments to repair and protect their teeth and gums from the damaging effects of smoking. By taking this comprehensive and tailored approach, we aid in the process of smoking cessation. Sutton locals can trust in our dedication to their health, supporting them towards a healthier, smoke-free lifestyle.

The Power of Prevention: Regular Check-ups and Smoking Cessation

Prevention is at the heart of our practice at Benhill Dental Practice. Regular check-ups not only help in maintaining oral hygiene but also play a pivotal role in smoking cessation. During these appointments, we conduct thorough examinations to identify any early signs of oral health issues related to smoking. This early detection allows us to take prompt action, preventing further damage. Providing such vigilant care, we reaffirm our commitment to our patients’ wellbeing. By placing an emphasis on regular check-ups, we not only extend our support for smoking cessation Sutton but also contribute to an enhanced understanding of the importance of dental health in our community.

Join Us in the Journey Towards a Smoke-Free Sutton

At Benhill Dental Practice, we invite you to join us in the journey towards smoking cessation. Sutton residents can rely on our unwavering support in their struggle against smoking. We stand by you, providing expert care and guidance, helping you navigate through this challenging, yet rewarding journey. And it’s not just about your oral health. It’s about amplifying your overall wellbeing and embracing a healthier future. Together, we can contribute to a smoke-free Sutton – enhancing not just our lives but also enriching our community. Your decision to quit smoking could be the stepping stone towards a healthier Sutton. Let us begin this journey together.

Therapeutic Approaches to Conquer Dental Phobia Sutton

Welcome to Benhill Dental Practice, a haven where dental phobia becomes a thing of the past. We understand that a visit to the dentist can be nerve-wracking for some patients, and we are here to change that perception. By utilising a blend of state-of-the-art technology and compassionate care, we strive to provide a comfortable dental experience that erases all fears. Our dental professionals are not just skilled in performing their tasks; they are also adept at providing the gentle care you need. So, replace the term ‘dental phobia’ with ‘dental phobia Sutton‘, and discover how we at Benhill Dental Practice work tirelessly to conquer this fear. We hope you’ll join us on this journey towards a fear-free dental future.


Understanding Dental Phobia: An Overview

Before we delve into our strategies to overcome dental phobia, let’s understand what it is. Dental phobia is an intense fear or dread of visiting the dentist, often resulting in neglected oral health. It could be triggered by various factors, such as past traumatic experiences or fear of pain. People afflicted with dental phobia often suffer in silence, allowing their oral health to deteriorate over time. The good news is, with understanding and proper care, this fear can be conquered, and that’s where we come in. At Benhill Dental Practice, we make it our mission to transform ‘dental phobia Sutton‘ from a fear-inducing phrase into a term that symbolises courage and resilience.

The Role of Benhill Dental Practice in Addressing Dental Phobia

Our role at Benhill Dental Practice transcends just providing quality dental services; we aim to be a sanctuary for individuals grappling with dental phobia. We recognise that every patient is unique, with different triggers and levels of anxiety. Hence, we adopt a personalised approach, spending time to understand your fears and concerns. Our skilled team then devises a tailored plan that ensures your comfort and relaxation. We couple this with offering comprehensive education about procedures, thereby demystifying the unknown and reducing anxiety. At Benhill, we’re together in the battle against dental phobia. We’re more than just a dental clinic; we’re a safe space where fears dissipate, and smiles blossom.

Our Therapeutic Approaches to Dental Phobia

We combat dental phobia at Benhill Dental Practice via a combination of therapeutic methods. Firstly, we practise ‘Tell, Show, Do,’ a technique where we explain procedures, show the instruments, then carry out the treatment. This method helps alleviate fear of the unknown. Additionally, we offer sedation dentistry for those with heightened anxiety, ensuring a calm, relaxed visit. Our team also utilises cognitive-behavioural therapy, helping patients unlearn their fear and replace it with a positive perception of dental visits. Through these approaches, we help transform the phrase ‘dental phobia Sutton’ from an anxiety-inducing term to a symbol of triumph over fear. At Benhill, we’re not just about maintaining your oral health; we’re about embracing fear and turning it into courage.

Success Stories: Overcoming Dental Phobia at Benhill

We take immense pride in the numerous success stories we’ve nurtured at Benhill Dental Practice. Patients who once trembled at the thought of a dental appointment now approach their visits with confidence and optimism. Each smile we preserve, each fear we conquer, adds to our ever-growing tapestry of triumph over dental phobia. We’ve had patients who, after experiencing our compassionate care, now champion dental health and hygiene without fear. We are not just in the business of fixing teeth; we’re in the business of changing lives. So, when you think of ‘dental phobia Sutton’, think of it as a story with a happy ending, a story of transformation that unfolds right here at Benhill Dental Practice.

Silver to White Fillings Sutton: A Revolution in Dental Care

Welcome to Benhill Dental Practice, your trusted provider for Silver to White Fillings Sutton. We are proud to be at the forefront of a revolution in dental care, offering a modern alternative to traditional silver fillings. Our white fillings are not only aesthetically pleasing, blending seamlessly with your natural teeth, but they also offer a safer and more durable solution. We understand that your smile is one of your most important assets, and we are committed to helping you maintain it in the best possible condition. With our Silver to White Fillings Sutton, we are taking a significant step towards a healthier, brighter smile for our patients. Join us in this dental revolution and experience the difference for yourself.


The Journey from Silver to White Fillings

The journey from silver to white fillings has been a significant one. Traditional silver or amalgam fillings have been used for decades, but they come with drawbacks. They are noticeable, can cause tooth discolouration, and there are concerns about the potential health risks associated with mercury exposure. At Benhill Dental Practice, we have embraced the shift towards white fillings. Our Silver to White Fillings Sutton service is a testament to our commitment to providing safer, more aesthetically pleasing dental solutions. White fillings, made from a composite resin, blend with your natural tooth colour, providing a more natural look. They are also free from mercury, making them a healthier choice. The journey from silver to white fillings is one we are proud to be a part of, leading the way in modern dental care.

Why Choose White Fillings at Benhill Dental Practice?

Choosing our Silver to White Fillings Sutton service is a decision to invest in your oral health and appearance. At Benhill Dental Practice, we use the latest techniques and high-quality materials to ensure your white fillings are durable, comfortable, and natural-looking. Our experienced team takes the time to understand your needs and expectations, providing personalised care at every step. We are dedicated to creating a positive and relaxing environment, making your visit as comfortable as possible. Our commitment to excellence in dental care, combined with our friendly and professional service, makes us the preferred choice for white fillings in Sutton. Experience the Benhill difference today with our Silver to White Fillings Sutton service.

The Process of Getting White Fillings at Benhill Dental Practice

At Benhill Dental Practice, we ensure the process of getting your Silver to White Fillings Sutton is smooth and comfortable. We begin with a thorough examination of your oral health, followed by a detailed discussion about your treatment options. Once you opt for white fillings, we prepare your tooth by removing the decay and cleaning the area. The white filling material is then carefully applied and shaped to match your tooth’s natural contours. A special light is used to harden the filling, ensuring it is securely bonded to your tooth. Our team takes great care to ensure the filling feels comfortable and looks natural. With our Silver to White Fillings Sutton service, we make the process of getting white fillings a stress-free experience.

Caring for Your White Fillings

Once you’ve received your Silver to White Fillings Sutton, caring for them is straightforward. Like your natural teeth, white fillings require regular brushing and flossing. We recommend using a fluoride toothpaste and a soft-bristled toothbrush. Regular check-ups at Benhill Dental Practice are also essential to ensure your fillings and overall oral health are in top condition. Avoiding hard foods can prevent damage to your fillings, and reducing sugary foods and drinks can help prevent decay. With proper care, your white fillings can last for many years, providing you with a smile you can be proud of. Trust Benhill Dental Practice for your Silver to White Fillings Sutton, and let us help you maintain a healthy, beautiful smile.

Would you like to have white teeth?

Having white teeth Sutton may not be the massive cause for concern in comparison with other dental issues, however teeth staining can cause low self-esteem and a lack of confidence due to how obvious it can be. Teeth staining or yellowing is one of the most common issues we encounter at Benhill Dental Practice, and there are many factors that may cause it. Fortunately, the solution is usually fairly straightforward and can often be achieved yourself at home through changes in diet and a good oral health routine. If you feel as though you are unable to achieve white teeth Sutton by yourself and would like some professional help, you can opt for teeth whitening which is carried out by our dental hygienist or dentist and works to eliminate any signs of staining or discolouration, leaving your teeth looking whiter and brighter. 


What causes teeth to stain or yellow?

Your teeth can develop stains or become yellow due to a selection of factors with some unfortunately being out of your control. Your teeth tend to become yellow as you grow older due to exposure to acids from food and drink that cause your enamel to disintegrate. As the enamel wears down, it triggers the dentine beneath it to become exposed, which is yellow in colour. Sometimes the dentine can cause your teeth to turn grey when the yellow shade mixes with a long-lasting food stain.

Another reason your teeth may turn yellow or stained is due to teeth grinding which is often seen in children and is an unconscious habit that occurs when you are stressed or asleep. Grinding your teeth habitually can be harmful to your tooth enamel as it weakens it until it cracks, causing it to become yellow.

Experiencing trauma to the teeth can also cause them to stain and we usually see this when someone has undergone a high impact accident; cracks in the tooth enamel can damage the interior of the tooth leading to its discolouration. It is also important to note that the discolouration may indicate internal tooth bleeding which requires urgent professional attention.

Sometimes, certain lifestyle habits that you may choose to take up can have a negative impact on the colour of your teeth. Smoking is a common cause of staining as the nicotine within cigarettes leaves a yellowish-brown residue on your teeth which stains its surface. Additionally to this, excessive drinking has also been linked to stained teeth, so it is important to limit your consumption to prevent your teeth from turning yellow.

Numerous foods and drinks have been found to contribute to tooth staining; powders that contain pigment, for example curry powders, cling to the tooth enamel and stain its surface. Additionally, caffeine sports drinks that contain artificial flavouring can impact the overall shade of your teeth.

Sometimes, antibiotics can cause discolouration in your teeth; this can even begin in foetal life if the mother has to take antibiotics during the course of her pregnancy. Antibiotics such as tetracycline are known to stain the teeth that emerge in babies as a result of their mother taking the antibiotic whilst pregnant.

If you believe any of the above-mentioned factors are contributing to the staining or yellowing of your teeth, contact our dentist for a hygiene appointment where they can lift any heavy and old stains your teeth may have and restore their original brightness.

How teeth whitening works

Having white teeth Sutton is a fairly straightforward process which involves a dental hygienist or dentist using compressed air, fine powder particles and water to remove plaque build-up and stubborn stains.  Another common method used to whiten teeth is through the use of a special bleaching gel which is applied to a custom-made whitening tray that is placed on to your teeth and gently removes stains from its surface. This process typically takes two weeks to complete, however the results are long lasting provided you take good care of your teeth post treatment.

The importance of healthy gums

If your gums are healthy and strong they will appear pink and firm. Healthy gums Sutton do not bleed when you brush or floss, and they will not feel sensitive or swollen. By maintaining a good dental hygiene routine and making sure that you visit us at Benhill Dental Practice on a regular basis you can ensure that you have healthy gums Sutton.


Looking after your gums

Unhealthy gums may appear red and swollen. They can feel sensitive or tender to touch and they bleed each time you brush or floss your teeth. Another key symptom of unhealthy gums is bad breath that does not go away with brushing. These symptoms are warning signs of gum disease or a gum infection and should not be ignored. If you are suffering from any of these symptoms, it is important that you visit our dentist at Benhill Dental Practice as soon as possible. Our dentist will carry out a thorough examination of your teeth and gums and put together a treatment plan for you. This may consist of simply maintaining better dental hygiene at home. Very often you will be referred to our hygienist. The hygienist will professionally clean your teeth to remove plaque and tartar and restore healthy gums Sutton. Plaque and tartar consist of millions of bacteria which release acids and toxins that are harmful for your teeth and gums. By removing plaque and tartar from your teeth at the dentist and maintaining good dental hygiene at home you can enjoy excellent oral health .

If your gums are severely infected, then you may need deep cleaning. Deep cleaning removes plaque and tartar from underneath the gum line. This is a more invasive procedure but it will help restore the health of your gums. Visiting the dentist and hygienist in time helps prevent gum disease from advancing and causing tooth loss. Gums are the support structure that hold the teeth in place. Therefore, if your gums are infected then eventually this results in missing teeth. Missing teeth can have huge implications for not only your remaining teeth, but for your overall quality of life. If you have missing teeth, it is important that you speak to us at Benhill Dental Practice and find out about tooth replacement.

Dental implants for tooth loss

Missing teeth can be replaced using dental implants. They are small titanium screws that are inserted into the bone socket of your missing tooth and take 3 to 6 months to become fixed into your jaw. After this, you can replace the missing visible part of the tooth with a crown, restoring the appearance of your smile as well as the function of your mouth. Although this is an excellent piece of dental technology, even a dental implant is not as good as the real thing. This is why it is important that you look after your teeth and gums carefully. Healthy gums are vital for healthy teeth and healthy teeth are important for good health and wellbeing. Speak to us at Benhill Dental Practice today to find out more about looking after your teeth and gums.

Water flossers and healthy gums: how to avoid gum disease

If you were to ask a hundred people what the number one cause of tooth loss was in adult life, they would inevitably say tooth decay and extraction.


However, this is not the case. The number one culprit relating to tooth loss in adults is gum disease.

Also known as gingivitis and periodontal disease, gum disease can be insidious, especially if you are someone who avoids dental check-ups. It can appear as swollen gums, minor bleeding when brushing and even a bruised sensation on the teeth when chewing food.

So, how do you keep your gums and gum pockets healthy?

At Benhill Dental Practice, our team of hygienists and dentists will help you to get and maintain healthy gums Sutton, to ensure that your teeth stay where they are needed for as long as possible. It is not as complicated as many dental patients think to keep your gums healthy, so call us if you need any guidance.

And without further ado, our team has written a brief guide into the methods you can use to get healthy gums Sutton.

Water flossers

Water flossers are relatively new on the scene of oral health and are a great way to get and maintain healthy gums Sutton.

As the name suggests, these devices remove plaque with jets of water, which can be easier on sensitive gums as it reduces bleeding. Water flossers do take some getting used to, though, so you may end up drenched the first few times you use one but don’t worry; your gums will thank you!

Floss and tape

Dental floss and/or dental tape are steadfast options you can use to remove plaque from your teeth and from under your gums.

Of course, if you are new to flossing or find that you bleed every time you do it, this can mean that your technique is not correct. So, our team at Benhill Dental can help you to get your technique right and remove all of that nasty plaque!

Electric toothbrushes

Electric toothbrushes are a fantastic way to keep gum disease away.

As they oscillate and have round heads, they can get closer and even underneath the gum line. Here, they remove plaque and debris that can lead to periodontal disease.

And, as they are so widely available, they are likely going to be cheaper than you think, so invest in one!


Your oral health can be drastically impacted by your lifestyle, which can negatively influence your gums if there are areas that are not maintained.

For instance, if you smoke or drink alcohol excessively, this can cause your gums to recede, potentially causing your teeth to look longer, as well as exposing your tooth roots.

Our team can offer you advice on your lifestyle choices if we feel that they are negatively impacting your oral health, as well as providing smoking cessation help.


Last but certainly not least, in order to keep your teeth in top-notch condition, we always advise our patients to attend check-ups with our team twice a year, so we can track any gum disease that you may have. This will also allow us to prescribe toothpaste and mouthwashes that can help manage and reverse earlier instances of gum disease. It will also allow us to refer you to our hygienist if needed, for a scale and polish, which can minimise and help with more severe presentations of periodontal disease.

Benhill Dental Practice Summer Newsletter 2023

The healthy teeth partnership

Summer 2023

At a time when most households are feeling the squeeze, we thought now would be good to remind you about the importance of maintaining great dental care between visits.

Visiting us as often as recommended is vital for helping us spot any potential issues before they become painful or more expensive to treat. But it is the all-important partnership between our dentist, hygienist and the care you give your teeth at home that will help keep them healthy for life.

As we have been highlighting in National Smile Month (May 15 to June 15), the four key messages for better oral health are:

1. Brush your teeth for two minutes, last thing at night and at one other time during the day, with a fluoride toothpaste.

2. Clean between your teeth every day.

3. Cut down how much and how often you have sugary foods and drinks.

4. Visit your dentist regularly.

Brushing at bedtime is important because the fluoride in our toothpaste will continue to protect our teeth while we sleep.

Remember: spit don’t rinse! Rinsing after toothbrushing washes away the fluoride protection.

Use floss or interdental brushes before toothbrushing to remove any plaque between your teeth (more on page 2).

Our dental and hygiene team can suggest the right sized interdental brushes for your mouth, as well as providing dietary advice, such as eating sugar in one sitting rather than throughout the day, not drinking sugary drinks, including fruit juices – or using a straw if you do, to keep the sugar away from your teeth.

Joining a monthly dental health plan can help spread the cost of essential dental and hygiene care and save you money. Please ask us for details!

Save Up to £90 on Teeth Whitening!

Boost your smile this summer with Boutique Whitening – now 20% off until August 31, 2023.

Designed by dentists, the multi-award winning Boutique Whitening offers teeth whitening solutions to suit your lifestyle.

Boutique Whitening, is a premium quality, professional teeth whitening system that we trust, that we use ourselves, and that we find gives consistently amazing results. It’s definitely our favourite whitening brand!

Professional teeth whitening from a dentist is the only safe, legal and effective method of achieving a whiter, brighter smile.

Contact us today to book your free initial whitening consultation!

Spotlight: top tips for great oral health

A healthy smile doesn’t only benefit our mouth, it also helps us achieve better physical health and mental wellbeing.

Daily brushing is important because it removes plaque. If plaque isn’t removed, it continues to build up, feeding on the bits of food left behind and causing tooth decay and gum disease, the biggest causes of tooth loss.

Interdental brushing really works!

The action of cleaning in between our teeth, using interdental brushing, dental floss or water or air flossers, loosens bacteria and food debris from between our teeth. This allows brushing to be much more successful at removing plaque. Studies show that those of us who interdentally clean before brushing are left with a much cleaner mouth than those who did it afterwards.

Beware of snacking

What we eat can have a big influence on our oral health. Snacking every now and again may seem harmless but can actually do more damage than we think, particularly if we are having sugary foods and drinks.

It’s far better for our teeth and general health if we eat three meals a day instead of having snacks. Try and maintain a healthy balanced diet and for our teeth it’s important to avoid sugar when we can.

Try a fluoride mouthwash

Using a fluoride mouthwash can help clear the mouth of debris and stop plaque from building up on our gums, in between our teeth, and on the surface of our teeth in between brushing.

Mouthwash can help to freshen our breath by killing the bacteria associated with bad breath.

Use a fluoride mouthwash daily as a supplement to brushing twice daily, but not as a replacement.

If you, or someone you know, has got into some bad habits, it’s never too late to make a positive change and improve your oral health. If you’d like some guidance or advice, just ask.

Gum disease and diabetes are linked

In recent years, poor oral health, specifically gum disease, has been linked with a number of general health conditions such as heart disease, strokes, diabetes, giving birth to a premature or low-birth-weight baby and respiratory (lung) disease, says the Oral Health Foundation.

The early signs of gum disease are bleeding gums when brushing, sore, red or inflamed gums, bad smells and bad tastes, loose or drifting teeth and receding gums.

People with diabetes are more likely to have gum disease than people without it.

This is probably because diabetics are more likely to get infections in general. People who do not know they have diabetes, or whose diabetes is not under control, are especially at risk.

If you do have diabetes it is important that any gum disease is diagnosed, because it can increase your blood sugar. This would put you at risk of diabetic complications.

Also, if you are diabetic, you may find that you heal more slowly. If you have a problem with your gums, or have problems after visits to your dentist, discuss this with our dental team before you have any treatment.

New research has also shown that you are more likely to develop diabetes if you have gum disease. And if you have diabetes, you have an increased risk of losing teeth.

Healthy gums: dental care tips for sporty types – how to protect your smile

As a dental practice with a commitment to providing the best care for our patients, at Benhill Dental Practice we understand that athletes and sports lovers have unique dental care needs. Physical activity is an important element in acquiring bodily health, so we don’t want anything to distract from this. In the article, we will share our top dental care tips for athletes to help you maintain healthy gums Sutton and protect your smile.

1. Choose the right mouthguard for your sport

One of the most important aspects of protecting your smile while engaging in sports is using the right mouthguard. A mouthguard can protect your teeth and gums from injury and reduce the risk of dental emergencies. At our practice, we offer custom-made mouthguards designed to fit your teeth perfectly. These provide the best protection and are far more comfortable than generic, over-the-counter options. By choosing the right mouthguard, you can focus on excelling in your sport while keeping your teeth and gums healthy.

2. Maintain proper oral hygiene habits

Even as an athlete, it’s crucial to maintain good oral hygiene habits to support healthy gums Sutton and keep your teeth strong. We recommend brushing your teeth at least twice a day using a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste. Flossing daily is essential to remove food particles and plaque from between your teeth and under the gumline, where your toothbrush can’t reach. In addition, make sure to visit our dental practice regularly for professional cleanings and check-ups. Our team of experienced professionals will help ensure your teeth and gums stay in top shape.

3. Be mindful of your sports drink and snack choices

Many sports drinks and snacks contain high levels of sugar and acid, which can contribute to tooth decay and gum disease. To protect your teeth and gums, try to choose healthier options when possible. Instead of sugary sports drinks, opt for water or electrolyte drinks with low or no sugar content. If you need a quick energy boost during a game or workout, choose snacks that are low in sugar and high in protein, like nuts or cheese. Our dental team can provide more personalised advice on the best food and drink choices for your specific needs.

4. Address dental injuries promptly

Despite our best efforts, accidents and injuries can happen during sports. If you experience a dental injury, it’s important to act quickly and seek professional care. Our dental practice is equipped to handle a wide range of dental emergencies, from chipped or cracked teeth to knocked-out teeth or damaged gums. By addressing dental injuries promptly, you can minimise the risk of long-term damage and ensure your smile stays healthy and strong.

At Benhill Dental Practice, our team is dedicated to helping athletes like you maintain healthy gums Sutton and protect your smile. By following these tips and seeking regular dental care, you can enjoy your favourite sports while ensuring your oral health remains a top priority. Schedule an appointment with us today to discuss your unique dental needs and learn more about how we can support your athletic lifestyle.

How do we help nervous patients?

Like pain, anxiety can be debilitating. Fear and anxiety prevent you from making the most of life’s opportunities. This fear, when applied to healthcare needs such as visiting the dentist for oral health checks, raises the risk of medical complications.


Unfortunately, there are many nervous patients Sutton who run the risk of developing dreaded dental diseases for fear of the dental environment. This fear and anxiety can have many causes, from embarrassment over the state of teeth and gums to fear of the dental drill to previous unpleasant dental visits.

At Benhill Dental Practice, we understand the fears and anxieties of nervous patients Sutton, which is why we are proud to be a dental practice that accommodates these needs. We know well the real consequences of not receiving professional dental care when you need it.

Gentle dentistry for nervous patients Sutton

Different dental practices tackle dental anxiety in different ways. We prefer the gentle and caring approach where we focus on using techniques that ensure nervous patients feel in control at all times.

In addition to helping nervous patients feel in control, we also place significant importance on seeing to patient comfort. Thanks to modern dental techniques, many treatments and procedures can be performed with as little discomfort as possible, and for procedures that might provide discomfort, we are happy to use local anaesthesia so that patient comfort is a priority.

Often patients feel anxious about dental care when they do not know what to expect from the prescribed treatment plan. To help ease this anxiety, we take the time to talk with the patient about what to expect during treatment and run through guidelines that apply before, during and after the procedure. Answering questions and concerns is key to helping them overcome their fears.

Why is professional dental care necessary?

There are plenty of big benefits to routine dental check-ups. Good oral health is necessary for much more than just strong teeth and healthy gums. It may surprise patients to know that the general health of the wider body is just as reliant on professional dental care as teeth and gums are.

Professional dental care secures the health of oral structures to enable biting and chewing for effective and efficient digestion. Good nutrition ensures the physical body is strong enough to function and remain healthy to fight off illness.

In addition to keeping the mouth healthy, regular professional care also keeps the mouth disease-free. This is also important for physical health as researchers have discovered evidence that shows bad oral bacteria also have a role to play in advancing medical complications that affect the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

Pneumonia, heart disease and strokes are some of the common medical conditions that can be triggered by disease-causing bacteria from the mouth entering the bloodstream and making their way to the heart and lungs.

Visiting the dentist for routine dental check-ups should be seen as an investment in oral and general health. Nervous patients should find a dental practice like Benhill Dental Practice that looks to the comfort and care of patients with dental anxieties. For a confident and caring approach to dental care, schedule an appointment with us today.

Smile confidently after teeth whitening

Teeth whitening Sutton is one of the most popular sought-after cosmetic procedures here at Benhill Dental Practice and in dental practices throughout the country. Teeth whitening Sutton is quick and simple and it can be carried out gently and expertly by our dentist or in the comfort of your own home, thanks to advances in dental technology. Teeth whitening Sutton is one of the easiest ways to transform the appearance of your smile. If you are looking to whiten your teeth then you need to speak to our dentist at Benhill Dental Practice today. There are hundreds of teeth whitening products available over the counter, however it is important to make sure that the products are suitable for your teeth, you need to learn about any side effects that they may have and if you have any underlying dental health complications whether or not it may exacerbate your conditions.

Here at the practice, our dentist will carry out a thorough examination of your teeth and gums to identify any signs of cavities, tooth decay or gum disease. Our dentist will also ask if you have any dental concerns or if you suffer from issues such as sensitivity. Any underlying dental health issues, such as sensitivity, may be affected by teeth whitening, therefore we will help make the right decision for you.

Teeth whitening at the dental practice

If you are looking for instant results then you can have teeth whitening carried out at the dental practice. This includes applying a teeth whitening gel consisting of hydrogen peroxide onto your teeth and activating the bleaching agent using UV light for quicker and more enhanced results. It may be possible to brighten your teeth up to eight shades whiter. The procedure will take approximately half an hour to ninety minutes and is ideal if you have a big day or a special occasion coming up. Professional teeth whitening performed in the dental practice is recommended once every 1 to 3 years, depending on your individual needs. If you maintain good dental hygiene and visit the dentist on a regular basis then you should not need it as often.

Teeth whitening at home

If you are looking for a gradual teeth whitening process our dentist will be able to prescribe a home whitening kit. A home whitening kit takes approximately two weeks to whiten your teeth to the desired shade and often involves a hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening gel that is to be worn in your mouth for a short period of time during the day. It also includes a carbamide peroxide night whitening gel that is kept in your mouth overnight and works whilst you sleep. Both hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide work to break down the stain molecules on the surface of your teeth and reveal the white enamel underneath. Home whitening kits are also perfectly appropriate to use when prescribed by our dentist and it is important that you follow the instructions at all times for optimal results. Speak to us at Benhill Dental Practice today and find out more about whitening your teeth for a beautiful, confident smile.