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Nervous patients and trips to the dentist

Understanding the fears and anxieties surrounding your visits


For as long as you can remember you may have felt an uncertainty when it comes to the notion of dentists and visits to the dental practice. It may be that a bad experience for you or someone you know dented your confidence about the whole process, or it may be that you just didn’t visit much as a child, leaving your imagination to run wild when thinking about what a trip to the dental practice would be like. No matter what your background is, or how you came to have fears about the dental practice, rest assured that you are not alone. In fact, statistics for 2019-2020 revealed that 75% of adults throughout the world have some level of dental anxiety or fear. So, whilst you may feel alone with your fears, know that others have been where you are.

At Benhill Dental Practice, we understand how debilitating fears and anxieties can be, which is why working with you to suppress and hopefully overcome them is one of our priorities. Below are some of the ways in which we hope we can help.

Opening up communication

Taking the time to get to know you is something our dental team will always strive to do. Whilst we do not expect to become best friends overnight, when working with nervous patients Sutton, learning about each other and taking things slowly can make all the difference. From adapting the treatment options, through to creating breathing space within an appointment, our dental team have you covered and with a little communication we can hopefully work together to ease your fears slowly.

By opening up to our dental team, we will also be able to work together with you to ensure that you are not waiting around fretting all day and will get you in for an early appointment should you so wish. Preparation is always key, so let us know how you feel and together we can come up with a plan to suit you.

Setting the dental practice scene

For some nervous patients Sutton, the layout of the dental practice can make them feel dread. With this in mind, taking the time to view the practice without an appointment in place can be a big help. From the waiting room to the layout of the dental chair within the dentist’s room, each part once broken down without any pressure can assist in easing the uncertainty within. Contacting us to arrange a quiet visit is easy and can be done online, popping in or with a simple phone call.

Is there a possibility of sedation?

Although some dental surgeries do offer sedation, at our particular dental practice we do not offer this option and prefer to spend time with our nervous patients Sutton. Working with them to reduce and hopefully eliminate their fears is our top priority and no matter how much time it takes, we are there to support and guide them through these difficult anxieties.

The art of treating nervous patients in Sutton!

At Benhill Dental Practice, we are used to dealing with nervous patients Sutton, and by using gentle dentistry, we are able to help our patients overcome their anxiety. Our dental practice has been providing the community with care and treatment on this site for over 80 years. Dentistry has changed over this period and is now more inclusive than it has ever been. Patients want to be better informed, and we have embraced this by empowering our patients and providing them with all the information they need to make an informed decision about their treatments. Armed with the knowledge about the procedures and the treatments available for their particular conditions, they can always feel in control.

Building a relationship

To treat nervous patients Sutton, it is necessary to build a relationship with our patients. We encourage our patients to tell us about their fears, desires and expectations. Understanding these emotions and treating each patient as an individual allows us to administer personal dental treatment and build trust. Nervousness is usually the result of bad experiences or the expectations of a possible bad experience. By practising gentle dentistry, we carefully navigate each procedure by reassuring our nervous patients Sutton through each step of the procedure. We identify any possible discomfort and help our patients to negotiate this in an affirmative way. As we are honest with our patients, they soon learn to trust us, and we encourage them to let us know when they feel any anxiety so that we can talk them through the process of overcoming it.

Our teeth are vital to good overall health

Once we have lost our baby teeth, the next set that we grow is the final set that we must try to make last for the rest of our lives. Our teeth are designed to perform a specific function, which is to allow us to chew our food well enough for our stomachs to be able to digest what we eat. Unfortunately, some patients are born with misaligned teeth or jaws, which makes chewing food difficult. Fortunately, decades of dental science and technological advancements have provided solutions to many conditions.

Targeted solutions

For many years, metal braces were the solution to realigning teeth, and now, that original appliance has been changed over the years and is more comfortable and effective in what it does. Additionally, a number of other versions have made the experience of correcting certain dental disorders more pleasant. Some versions are now almost invisible as they can be fitted behind the teeth or are tooth-coloured so that they are less conspicuous. Furthermore, a new version of tooth straightener has been developed, which is made from a clear dental material and fits over the teeth.

Dental treatment with nervous patients in mind

All of these developments have helped to alleviate dental anxiety as more and more patients are being introduced to a more gentle way of receiving dental care and treatment. Dental anxiety can be treated, and we work with our patients to make their dental experience more pleasant so that proper dental maintenance is achievable.

Broadening your knowledge on dental veneers Sutton

Things to know

Improving your teeth without extensive dental surgery has never been easier, and this is where veneers Sutton really shine. One of the more popular cosmetic treatments at Benhill Dental Practice is the dental laminate or veneer, which continues to protect the health and functionality of the tooth without a lengthy procedure to get there. Often made from porcelain, the dental veneer sits over the natural tooth, enabling it to fit in easily with the natural smile.


The benefits of the dental veneer

Aside from protecting the tooth from physical damage, veneers Sutton can also alter the appearance of the tooth, which is one reason why so many patients seek out the treatment. This particular treatment can be used for a variety of reasons, including minor misalignments, hiding away any discolouration to the tooth and creating a protective barrier around the tooth whilst blending it into the surrounding smile.

When the tooth chips or fractures, it may be that the structural integrity of the tooth weakens and becomes compromised. Whilst this may seem like the worst-case scenario, in truth, this is more common than people think. Veneers Sutton are just one of the ways to re-strengthen the tooth and provide a layer of protection over it to avoid further damage.

The consultation

As with all dental treatments and procedures, at no point are you left on your own. Whilst the final decisions are of course all yours, working together as a team, we will get you the results you are after. From answering your questions to filling in the gaps in knowledge, our dental team at the practice will ensure that you feel supported and comfortable before going ahead with the dental veneers.


Every single tooth, no matter who the patient, is unique – from the shape to the colour. This is why veneers are customised to fit the individual’s teeth. Working together, we can establish the correct colouration for your dental veneer so that it blends in easily with the surrounding teeth. With a variety of colours available, rest assured that no one will notice the difference unless you want them to!

A quick-fix solution

Once the consultation process has taken place, there is often very little need to delay or lengthen the process of getting your veneers in place. Within just one or two appointments, your teeth can have a replenished appearance, whether it be in shape or colour. This quick-fix enables patients to avoid delays and achieve a healthier looking smile in a minimal amount of time.

The continuous aftercare

Caring for your smile, with or without different treatments, is of utmost importance in protecting your overall oral health. Once you begin to delve into the world of dental veneers, although the natural tooth is protected, this does not mean that the daily oral hygiene process can be neglected. Protecting your smile with or without the oral veneers is always the top priority; therefore, health check-ups with our dental team are still important and should be attended regularly.

Get in contact with us today to discuss your options and get booked in to see one of our teams.

White fillings Sutton: making your smile more natural

White fillings Sutton are composite dental fillings that are tooth-coloured so that they match the colour of your teeth. Over many years, a variety of materials have been used to fill dental cavities; these range from cork, aluminium, asbestos and even tin. More recently, a mixture of different metals such as mercury, silver, tin and copper called an amalgam is still used today. Of course, gold was very popular for a while, if you could afford it!

Natural-looking teeth now more in vogue

The advent of social media and devices such as the smartphone have brought about a culture change. It is now more acceptable to have straight, naturally white teeth than a variety of dental fillings of differing colours. White fillings Sutton allow you to produce a naturally white dental smile.

Prevention is always best

Of course, prevention of tooth decay is always your best defence, and your daily routine is vital to maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Managing your diet is often seen only as a way of controlling your weight, but it’s much more than that. The type of food and drink that you consume affects your teeth, and it is extremely important to keep the sugar content that you consume down to a minimum.

Whatever you eat or drink, always remember to brush and floss your teeth regularly and attend those six-monthly dental appointments. If you have children, it is also important to help them understand the dental problems that can occur later in life if they consume sugary food and drinks and do not follow a proper dental hygiene regime. Bring them into our surgery with you when you have an appointment so that they can become familiar with our team and be relaxed. When their turn comes for an appointment, they will feel a lot more comfortable. Helping your children maintain dental health is one of the best gifts that you can give them.

What are the advantages

White fillings Sutton bond very naturally to your teeth and do not expand and contract due to the variations in temperature in your mouth. Some of the earlier fillings, such as mercury fillings, for example, had this problem.

White fillings can be colour matched to blend in with your natural teeth. The aperture required to fill your tooth is also far smaller than many other materials, which preserves the strength of your tooth. There has been mention of the health hazards of mercury fillings, but with white fillings, there is no risk at all of contamination from leakage. Because white fillings do not expand and contract with temperature fluctuations, you are less likely to experience sensitivity. White fillings are also very durable and will last a long time.

Can I replace my old fillings?

You can most definitely replace your old fillings with white fillings, and at Benhill Dental Practice, we can do a colour match so that the new fillings blend in well with your natural teeth. The procedure is quite safe, and we will remove the old fillings and any dental decay.

Teeth Whitening Sutton: How to get your teeth gleaming!

At Benhill Dental Practice, we can help you to lighten and brighten teeth that may be stained from smoking, drinking caffeine or red wine, certain medications or poor oral hygiene. Whatever the cause of your stained teeth, the fact is that you may want to improve the appearance of them. We use a system called Boutique whitening and you can use this in the comfort of your own home, day or night, depending on what works best for you.

What is Boutique whitening?

For Teeth Whitening Sutton, we use a premium product that we know will get fantastic results for you. Boutique whitening is 60 times stronger than non-professional products. It uses whitening gels that you can have in different intensities depending on the results you want, so we can choose a gel that suits your needs and your aims for the finished product! The gels are added to custom made trays that are then worn for a few hours during the day, or overnight.

What are the benefits of choosing Boutique?

If you’re looking for a smile that shines, but don’t want to spend hours in our dental practice, then this is the treatment for you. For a couple of weeks of whitening at home in the day or night, you can get fabulous results. You will need to do top up treatments every now and then to maintain your results, but you can do this again at home in your own time. If you miss a whitening session, there’s no need to worry – you can just pick it up again the next day! Once you have your lighter and brighter smile, you should feel super confident about smiling your beautiful smile.

Can I combine this treatment with anything else?

Teeth whitening can be a treatment that you have as part of a package of treatment to get you a smile that is functional and beautiful. If you have misaligned teeth, for example, we can offer a treatment such as Invisalign, which is used for mild to moderate alignment issues such as crossbite, over or underbites, crowded or gapped teeth. Invisalign is a discreet treatment that doesn’t use fixed braces, but removable aligners that are made bespoke to fit your mouth. These aligners are similar to your Boutique trays in that they should be comfortable to wear being made to fit your mouth precisely. Coming in for an initial consultation with us will help us to determine what your aims are for your smile and for us to examine your mouth to then offer you a range of treatments that can help you to achieve that.

Come and see us

By coming for an initial consultation, we hope that you will feel a part of the decision-making process of whatever treatments you decide to go ahead with. If you are unsure of anything, our friendly, professional and experienced team will be happy to answer any questions you may have. We understand that it can be overwhelming sometimes and we will be able to reassure you that we can help, whatever treatment you decide to go for. With teeth whitening, your teeth could be gleaming in a really short period of time, so what are you waiting for? Let’s do this!

Good dental hygiene for better oral health

Visiting the dentist on a regular basis is very important for good dental hygiene Sutton. Here at Benhill Dental Practice we recommend that you visit the dentist at least every six months and more regularly if you are prone to dental issues. Your dentist will carry out a thorough examination of your teeth and gums to make sure that your teeth are clean, your gums are strong and healthy and that you do not suffer from any underlying dental issues.

Avoiding the dentist can result in the development of many different types of dental problems, which you may not be aware of, as many of these can be asymptomatic to begin with, they can progress quite rapidly and eventually result in irreversible damage to your teeth. You may not realise that you have an issue until you are presenting with toothache, bleeding gums, sensitivity or other uncomfortable and painful symptoms, which are a sign that the issue has progressed significantly and requires urgent attention. This can be avoided by regular visits to our dentist at the practice who will be able to detect any dental conditions from the outset, so that they can be treated quickly and effectively before they are able to have a significant impact on your teeth or surrounding healthy teeth and gums.

Hygienist appointments

After examining your teeth and gums, your dentist may recommend that you have an appointment with your hygienist to help you maintain better dental hygiene Sutton. The hygienist will examine your gums even more closely than the dentist to make sure that you have no signs of gum disease. Gum disease is a common dental issue which is caused by the build-up of plaque on your teeth. Plaque is a sticky substance which forms on the surface of your teeth that can be removed by effective brushing. Unfortunately if plaque is not removed properly then it remains on your teeth and encourages the build-up of bacteria in your mouth and over time hardens, resulting in the formation of tartar. Tartar cannot be removed from your teeth by brushing alone.

The role of your hygienist is to remove excess plaque and tartar from your teeth using specialised cleaning techniques also known as a scale and polish, or a professional clean of your mouth. If you have not visited the hygienist before or you have avoided booking an appointment, then you may find that a significant amount of tartar has formed. Unfortunately this can result in gum disease or even periodontal disease, which is when plaque can not only damage your gums, but also the surrounding supportive structures of your teeth. Your hygienist will carry out a deep clean using scaling and planing techniques, and you will have to maintain a good oral hygiene routine with frequent visits to your dentist and hygienist for good dental hygiene Sutton.

Your dentist will recommend how often you should visit your hygienist, although it is recommended that you visit both the dentist and hygienist at least every six months, this will be dependent on your dental health and you may require more frequent appointments if you are prone to dental issues or excessive plaque and tighter formation. Speak to us at our dental practice today to find out more.

The effects of smoking on dental health

Smoking is a lifestyle choice that can have a significant detrimental effect on your overall well-being. The systemic effects of smoking are well-known and clearly indicated on tobacco products; however, despite warnings and restrictions, smoking continues to be a popular lifestyle choice throughout the world, dating back to the last four centuries. It is a highly addictive habit that can affect multiple organ systems and result in numerous tobacco-related diseases. Most people are aware of smoking-induced lung cancer and heart disease; however, smoking can affect all parts of your body in different ways, including your dental health.

To begin with, smoking can result in tooth staining and bad breath. Nicotine and tar can stain your teeth very quickly in a short amount of time, resulting in stubborn yellow stains that do not disappear with brushing alone. Bacterial plaque is also more prevalent in smokers, and over time, this can lead to the formation of tartar, which can form cavities in your teeth, resulting in tooth decay and even tooth loss. Smoking also reduces the amount of oxygen that circulates your body, and this can weaken your gums, making them more susceptible to disease. If you continue to smoke, you will be at a higher risk of having serious complications that are often irreversible; however, with smoking cessation Sutton, you can reduce the impact of smoking on your body sooner rather than later.

Here at Benhill Dental Practice, we will give you plenty of advice and guidance on smoking cessation Sutton. Your dental health is our priority, and our professional advice is that with smoking cessation Sutton, you can stop smoking gradually and successfully restore your dental health and overall well-being with time and effort.

Oral cancer from smoking

Smoking is one of the main causes of oral cancer, and each year several thousands of people are affected by smoking-induced oral cancer. This may begin as a small tumour in your mouth, either on your tongue, gums or on the inside of your cheeks. If you suffer from oral ulcers that are painful and persistent or find lumps in your mouth that are also persistent, then you have to visit our dentist as early as possible to prevent further complications in the future. Unfortunately, oral cancer can cause significant complications, but with smoking cessation, you can help prevent oral cancer from occurring or, if you are already suffering from cancer, prevent it from recurring.

If oral cancer is detected early on, then it can be treated successfully and with fewer complications and effects on other parts of your body. Therefore, here at Benhill Dental Practice, we offer oral cancer screening to make sure that you have good oral health and are free from any signs or symptoms of oral cancer. We recommend that you visit our dentist annually for your oral cancer screening, and we also hope that you visit us very soon to find out more about smoking cessation. Let us work with you to achieve a healthier lifestyle and better well-being.

Benhill Dental Practice Newsletter November 2021

Dear Patients,

We are happy to announce that we have a new Dentist joining our team, Dr Ali Sammarraie.

Dr Sammarraie will be working at our practice on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. He has over 16 years’ experience working in the NHS and Private sector. For more information on the services he offers please click here

How to book an appointment

Existing NHS patients wishing to book an NHS appointment

Telephone only – 0203 827 4522

Existing NHS / Private patients  wishing to book a Private appointment

Book online 24/7 using our Online Booking Portal found on our website


call us on 0203 827 4522

Reminder to existing NHS patients – Deregistration

Due to the unprecedented demand on NHS dental services in the area, we are asking all existing patients who were previously seen under the NHS to call us and book an appointment before 1st January 2022. We have appointments available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

As stated in our practice policies, patients who have not returned within 2 years of their last dental check-up will be automatically deregistered and will no longer be seen under the NHS. This is to give other people in the community the opportunity to access NHS dental services.

If you or your family have moved away or wish to be deregistered, please call us on 02038274522 so we can update our system.

Here is a quick reminder of the treatments we offer;

  • Emergency appointments
  • Routine treatments – Check-ups, fillings, crowns, veneers, bridges, dentures, root canals, extractions
  • Periodontal treatment – deep cleaning (root surface debridement)
  • Cosmetic treatments – composite bonding, veneers, cosmetic scale and polish, Mini – Smile Makeovers, Invisalign clear braces, Boutique teeth whitening, Facial Aesthetic treatments such as dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle treatments

Kind Regards,

Benhill Dental Practice Team

Have a dental phobia? Our team answers common FAQs

Do you have a fear of the dentist which is beginning to impact your confidence?

At Benhill Dental Practice, our team is trained to help you overcome any dental phobia Sutton you may have and we always endeavour to make your trip to see us as pleasant as possible.

Here, our team answers the most common questions we receive about having a dental phobia Sutton, so use this information to help conquer your fears.

What causes dental aversion?

There are many reasons why someone may develop a dental phobia Sutton.

In many cases, this problem has been caused by a situation early in life; perhaps you were seen by a dentist who was not very compassionate, or perhaps you recall a toothache that led to a very unpleasant experience in the dental chair.

Irrespective of the cause of your dental aversion, it is important to have it managed appropriately by a trained and sympathetic team. Avoiding check-ups can lead to more serious issues, such as tooth decay and gum disease, which in turn can cause more invasive and unpleasant experiences to occur.

If you have a phobia of the dentist and want to overcome it, please contact our team.

What can be done to help me relax?

Luckily, our team can offer you a myriad of options to help you relax.

For one thing, we are proud to be able to offer pain-free dentistry; this is possible due to our team’s expertise and the equipment that we use throughout the procedures.

Should you like to be more ‘in the know’ during treatments, our team will happily talk you through what we are doing and will be able to offer reassurance at every stage of the process. If you are undertaking a more complex procedure, we will be able to offer you a local anaesthetic.

I haven’t seen a dentist in a while; will I be judged due to the condition of my teeth?

Not by our team!

At the practice, our team always aims to practise compassionate dentistry and will endeavour to make you feel as relaxed as possible while we examine and work on your teeth.

We are also aware of the spiral that can occur with dental anxieties; you have a concern and thus you avoid getting it seen to due to fear of being judged. Our team wants you to have a healthy, functional mouth and so we will never lecture or belittle you over dental hygiene.

Do you offer pain-free dentistry?

Our team at Benhill strives to offer pain-free dentistry. By using the most gentle and advanced tools, we can ensure that your trip to see our team will be as pleasant as possible.

If at any time during a dental procedure you feel discomfort, please inform our team and we will endeavour to alleviate it.

Can you help me allay my fears of the dentist?

We will always aim to make our nervous patients feel as relaxed as possible when they visit us.

And, to help prevent further issues from occurring, we will aim to prevent problems that may arise in the future. This may involve the use of fluoride sealants to inhibit decay. In short, everything we do at the surgery will be to make sure your trip to see us is as comfortable as possible, while also helping you overcome your dental concerns.

Switching from silver to white fillings; advantages

Are you fed up with seeing black fillings when you smile in photos?

When you come to Benhill Dental Practice, we can help! We can make the switch from silver to white fillings Sutton, allowing you to reap the benefits of composite over metal restoratives.

So, what are some of the benefits of switching from silver to white fillings Sutton?


What is an advantage of switching from silver to white fillings Sutton? Well, for one thing, the result is more likely to last longer!

Amalgam fillings are made from a mixture of different metals, which makes the final filling or crown durable under pressure, thus allowing you to bite and chew without issue. However, as is the way with all metals, amalgam can expand under hot temperatures and shrink back down when it gets cold, far from ideal if you regularly drink tea or enjoy iced water!

The result is that if you have an amalgam restorative, you are at a higher risk of needing it replaced more often, while also suffering the nasty side-effects that can come with a missing restorative, such as a toothache or abscess!

Composite does not react in such a way to changes in temperature, and thus provides a longer-lasting filling.


There’s no easy way to say this; if you have a metal filling, it is likely to look black, blue or even green under certain lighting. Not exactly what you want to have when laughing or smiling for photos!

And while there is nothing wrong with this if the filling is placed on the back molars, it can cause issues with your smile if it is nearer to the front. One of the best things about having a white or composite filling fitted is that our team can match its colour perfectly to the surrounding tooth, meaning it is visually seamless. Should you need the filling to be placed on top of a molar, we can create all the nooks and crannies that are required to keep it looking realistic. And voila! A restored tooth that doesn’t draw attention or doesn’t appear discoloured!


The enamel on your teeth is porous, hence why many people suffer from dental sensitivity. The holes in the enamel become elongated or exposed due to diet or abrasion, making it feel uncomfortable when you consume hot or cold drinks.

While amalgam or silver fillings aim to resolve this somewhat, when compared to the structure of composite, they are also quite porous. And so, if you have a deep filling or crown that is made from amalgam, silver or another metal, it is more likely to create new sensitivity issues.

If you notice sensitivity in one of your teeth that has a silver filling, please talk to our team about having it replaced with composite.


When fitting a metal filling, our team will usually have to remove more of the healthy tooth around the decay. Why?

Because the metal or amalgam doesn’t bond to the tooth as well as the composite material does, meaning that we have to make the hole larger. But this in turn means that there is a higher chance of the filling falling out when exposed to pressure, not to mention the issues that it can cause with sensitivity.