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One of the main reason for patients in the UK failing to keep up regulardental appointments is not worry about costs or lack of time but is fear of the dentist. There are many reasons patients are nervous about dental appointments – bad past experiences, anxiety about the sounds and smells of the dental surgery and a fear of losing control are just some of the reasons patients cite as causing fear of the dentist. For others, there is no specific cause of their anxiety. Whatever the reason, at Benhill Dental Practice we are confident we can help you overcome your fear and get the regular dental treatment you need to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Our dental team has many years of experience treating nervous patients of all ages. We do not use sedation but believe that by practising gentle dentistry and taking the time to talk to patients so that they feel knowledgeable and in control at all times, as well as providing reassurance at all stages of treatment, we can help you overcome your nerves. We have many happy patients who can testify to our gentle, caring approach.

Modern dental techniques have advanced greatly so that most treatments are practically pain-free. For more complex procedures we will treat you under local anaesthetic, and will always take the time to make sure you are properly numb before we start treatment. We will also make sure you remain comfortable at all times during a procedure.

Our aim is to treat any problems as soon as they arise and to prevent them from occurring again. You may come to us first for an emergency appointment, during which we will get you out of pain and treat any urgent problems, with follow-up appointments as necessary to get you back to full dental health. After that, the best way to stop any further issues occurring is to keep up regular dental check-ups and hygienist appointments at least every six months (or more frequently if your dentist recommends it) to help prevent the need for more complex treatment in the future.

If you are nervous about dental treatment, please contact one of our friendly reception team on 020 3827 4522 to discover how we can help you.

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