What to know before choosing veneers

At Benhill Dental Practice, we consider veneers Sutton as a powerhouse in the arsenal of cosmetic dental treatments. We offer top-quality veneers Sutton (also known as dental caps) to patients looking to improve the look of their teeth. While dental caps are commonly used to fix aesthetic issues related to teeth, these are also used to protect the health and function of teeth.


Veneers Sutton can be relied on to rectify a range of aesthetic problems that include: teeth that are broken or chipped, teeth that are irregular in size or shape, teeth that look stained or discoloured as well as relatively minor gaps between teeth. In addition to its versatile use, there are plenty of other plus points about dental caps that promote this cosmetic dental treatment as a relevant dental solution. We take a look at what some of these plus points are.

Why dental caps are worth considering

Dental caps prevent structural issues from worsening

The real worry about chipped or fractured teeth is the compromise to the structural integrity of teeth. A dental cap is a thin covering that is placed over the affected tooth and which provides much-needed ‘strength’ to the tooth. Any weaknesses in the structure of the tooth present a real danger to the life of the tooth as chips and cracks can open a pathway for bad bacteria and germs to enter the vulnerable layers of the tooth.

Dental caps offer a customised solution

Dental caps are fitted according to each patient’s individual needs. Some patients may need to balance tooth symmetry, others may need to improve teeth shape or need the cap-like coverings to hide the discoloured look of badly stained teeth. Our friendly dental practitioners can help patients determine which shade of ‘white’ would be best to bring about a natural bright look.

During a consultation, we will factor in the age and gender of the patient and face shape to ensure that the veneers treatment achieves the aesthetic outcomes sought after.

Dental caps can be regarded as a quick fix

Seeing that there is very little preparation of teeth needed (this is dependent on the patient’s situation) for dental caps to be inserted, many regard this treatment plan as a quick way to address cosmetic issues. Some patients require as little as two visits to complete their treatment.

Dental caps must be well cared for to provide a long service life

Dental caps are well-known for offering a comparatively long-standing solution but it must be said that these dental devices must be looked after in return for their dependable service. Most important for patients to remember is that their oral hygiene practice at home should be a priority if dental caps are to remain in a pristine condition.

Dental caps can be used alone or as an add-on to other dental treatment plans when a patient is in need of them. Reach out to us at Benhill Dental Practice should you wish to know more about how veneers can improve the look of and protect the health of your teeth. We offer professional consultation with a well-experienced dental practitioner in which we will gladly answer all of your questions.

Curious about why dentists use white fillings? 5 advantages from Benhill Dental Practice

Were you a child of the 70s or 80s? Or even the early 90s?


If you were, chances are that when you visited your dentist for a check-up and needed a filling, you were given an amalgam one. While effective at preserving the tooth, these black/green fillings were far from visually pleasing and could often cause insecurities when many people laughed or smiled.

And, a metal-based filling is not without its own functional issues, too many people would lose these filings as, due to drinking hot tea, the filling would expand, crack the tooth and then shrink as the temperature dropped. And so, they were easy to displace.

Fast-forward to 2021, and many dental surgeries are now phasing out amalgam fillings for more lifestyle-friendly alternatives.

When you come to Benhill Dental Practice, if you require a filling of any size (or even a crown), we will provide you with white fillings Sutton. Made from either a composite material or porcelain, these fillings offer a more aesthetically pleasing variation to amalgam and are also less likely to come loose.

But why else are we opting to use white fillings Sutton over metal ones? Read on to find out!


OK, so we have already spoken about the cosmetic advantages of white fillings Sutton, but we figured we could talk a bit more!

Our team can perfectly colour match either the composite or the porcelain to the rest of the tooth that the filling is in, making them completely undetectable to the naked eye and therefore far more aesthetically pleasing.


Don’t let the materials fool you! Yes, metal is usually stronger than porcelain, but in your mouth a porcelain filling is extraordinarily tough and can last for triple the time!

And we aren’t just talking about being able to handle the daily wear and tear of chewing – if you grind your teeth when you sleep, if you have a composite filling or crown, there is no need to worry about it coming loose or cracking.


Metal fillings rarely bonded well to teeth, once again putting them at a higher risk of falling out with daily use.

However, as composite is a resin that requires curing with a UV lamp to harden, it bonds better to the tooth. This protects against the tooth falling out and also stops the root or the pulp from becoming accidentally exposed.

Expansion or lack of

A composite or porcelain filling is not able to expand or contract in the way that metal ones do, and so, no damage occurs to the surrounding tooth parts once they are fitted.

This means that there is also a lower chance of the decay spreading due to cracks in the enamel.


Of course, you may need a composite or porcelain filling for restorative purposes besides decay. If you have cracked or chipped a tooth playing football or in daily life, we will repair the damage with one of these materials, restoring your tooth to its former glory. What more could you want?

Boost your confidence with teeth whitening Sutton

If you are looking for quality results that are both consistent and safe, why not choose a product that dentists themselves use to whiten their teeth? That’s what you’ll get here with us, so let our experts talk you through the process of teeth whitening Sutton so that you can feel empowered knowing what to expect with this, frankly empowering experience.


Teeth whitening Sutton is an opportunity for you to feel more comfortable with your own smile, allowing the removal of several years of stains over the course of a few weeks in a safe and relaxed way. We can perform this treatment using different formulas to suit your lifestyle needs, you can opt for the treatment to be completed in a way that is most convenient for you so that you can enjoy the best possible results.

Both options, either the day or night wear options, guarantee your safety and we will provide you with all of the equipment and information that you need to competently complete the whitening treatment at home.

The overnight kit consists of either 10% or 16% carbamide peroxide which is designed to be worn for 6 hours consistently. You get the same outstanding results with your day kit, consisting of 6% hydrogen peroxide and can be worn for up to 2 hours daily.

One of our team will be assigned to your teeth whitening Sutton experience and care. They will determine what kind of whitening your smile needs and discuss with you pros and cons for each solution for your personal situation. This encompasses both your physical needs as well as your expectations and daily demands so that we can together establish an experience that works the best for you.

You can expect to see results after a few days using this treatment with optimal results seen at around the three-week mark. There are a few things that you can do to extend the life of your treatment and ensure that your smile is looking its greatest for the longest possible time.

How can I extend the life of my treatment?

By understanding what has caused the staining to your teeth in the first place, we can understand what is likely to continue to stain your teeth again in the future. Many of us consume red wine, tea or coffee on a regular basis and these products, alongside others are the main culprits for standard tooth discolouration. If you’re unsure what might stain your teeth, simply consider a white shirt and if the food or drink would stain the shirt, over time it will stain your teeth.

Consume less of these products and rinse your mouth with water after every meal, if not giving your teeth a light brush to remove any residue left over.

It is important to maintain good oral health and to keep your smile clean. Regular hygienist appointments will remove any surface stains that have accumulated over the past few months, so by visiting a professional often, you can maintain that whiter, healthier looking and feeling smile for longer.

Reasons why dental hygiene Sutton is essential

Most know how important dental hygiene Sutton is, yet still take it for granted. Any dentist will tell you that most of the cases they see are preventable, typically caused by neglect or partial neglect.


So what exactly are you doing wrong, and what can you do to improve the condition of your mouth, teeth, and gums? Read on to find out; perfect teeth are easier to achieve than you might think at our clinic, Benhill Dental Practice!

Where can I improve?

  • Brush your teeth

Improve your dental health by strictly and conscientiously adhering to the basics. This includes regular brushing and trips to the dentist twice a year, or as instructed by your oral health practitioner.

You need to dedicate an appropriate amount of time to clean your teeth, which is approximately two to three minutes, at least twice a day. A quick, 30-second swap will do little to remove bacteria accumulating on your gum line and between your teeth. Additionally, excess plaque will cling to the surfaces of your teeth, turning them an unsightly yellow. You may also suffer from bad breath.

  • Floss daily

Don’t forget to floss either, as these filaments remove plaque where your brush can’t reach. Many people see flossing as optional when it should form a crucial part in upkeep your oral health.

  • Tips for parents

Parents struggling to get their easily distracted offspring to brush their teeth for the prescribed time is challenging, but not impossible. Make the task fun by turning it into a competition with the winner receiving an award. Ensure that the prize doesn’t negatively impact their dental health, like sweets.

  • Best brushing technique

Learn the techniques necessary to eradicate most germs hiding in your mouth. Considering that the mouth is a breeding ground for a trifecta of bacteria, you won’t reach them all. However, by brushing your teeth correctly increases your chances of optimising your oral health. If you think that your teeth cleaning ritual isn’t correct or only partially removing germs, ask our dentist for a quick demonstration.

  • Choosing the right brush

The brush you use on your teeth is also essential. Choose one with soft to medium bristles as this allows the brush to bend and reach under the gumline, which is a popular breeding ground for harmful bacteria. Don’t make the mistake of choosing a utensil with more rigid bristles, thinking it will remove more bacteria as you might be wearing down tooth structure at the same time.

If you don’t like manual brushes, go electric. Electric toothbrushes equipped with rotating heads are as efficient and beneficial for those with limited mobility.

  • Stick to your dental appointments

Life’s busy but stick to your dental appointments for the sake of your dental hygiene Sutton and health. These routine checkups make detecting dental issues a possibility, saving you time and money in the future on larger problems that require complicated and expensive procedures to treat.

  • Change your diet and lifestyle

It’s not only cleaning your teeth and seeing the dentist that’s important. Adopting a balanced, nutritious diet also contributes to better oral health. Do this by curbing your intake of sugary and greasy food, while eating more fruit, vegetables, and lean proteins. Remember to hydrate often and moderate your drinking habits. If appropriate, look into smoking cessation therapy!

Benhill Dental Practice can help with Smoking Cessation in Sutton!

Are you concerned about how your teeth look? Are they looking stained or are you developing bad breath? If you are a smoker, what you may not realise is how smoking can affect your oral hygiene. At Benhill Dental Practice, we want to help you with smoking cessation in Sutton. We know that it is difficult and that you may have had a bit of ‘stick’ of friends and family about giving up to the point where you don’t want to think about it anymore (the ostrich method can be a firm favourite – stick that head in the sand) but we really do believe that it is important for your health to try and quit. We understand that this isn’t easy, but we have lots of support available; it is important that you have regular checkups with us to monitor your oral health.


What are the dental issues that can arise from smoking?

A lot of people don’t realise that smoking is the main cause of mouth cancer. In fact, every year, thousands of people die from this type of cancer and while it isn’t a pleasant thought, through smoking cessation in Sutton, you can avoid this happening to you if you put your mind to it and stop smoking. We can offer a lot of advice and support on ways to do this when you come to visit us here at Benhill Dental Practice.

Other issues that can also arise from smoking, which may not be as serious but can have a detrimental impact on your self-esteem and well-being are numerous. Tobacco products can be responsible for causing you to have a reduced sense of taste and smell. Also, tobacco can cause your gum tissue cells to be affected and become more prone to periodontal diseases and infections. Perhaps surprisingly, you can also suffer from jawbone loss and shrinking gums, as well as mouth sores which can be difficult to heal, alongside a hairy tongue. Needless to say, the effects of smoking on your oral hygiene don’t sound great and they can be serious if left untreated.

How we can help

While we can’t wave a magic wand to help you stop smoking, we do have a lot of advice about how to quit and most importantly, we can explain in more detail the risks to your mouth if you don’t. Keeping an eye on your mouth is extremely important when you are a smoker; we have the expertise to identify issues you may not be aware of yourself and we can help to treat those problems. We understand that you don’t need to be preached to, so we won’t be trying any of that either! We just want to ensure that your mouth is as healthy as possible with regular checkups and treatment as required.

For further information about how we can help, why not book in for a consultation where we can discuss your individual situation and you can ask as many questions as you need to. We are here to listen to you and advise you accordingly. If you want to book in, our friendly reception staff are ready to take your call, so don’t delay!

Want to get white teeth in Sutton? Come to Benhill Dental Practice!

If you’re feeling self-conscious about the appearance of your teeth because they are discoloured, you may be wondering what you can do about it. Drinking tea, coffee or alcohol, smoking, and even taking certain medication can affect the colour of your teeth. Other factors such as ageing, stress, illness and disease can also take its toll on your teeth. Reducing the amount of these drinks you consume and quitting smoking can certainly help to improve the appearance of your teeth, along with regular brushing, flossing and dental check-ups. However, if all of these things still don’t make you feel like you have the pearly whites you’re after, then there is another way to get white teeth Sutton. At Benhill Dental Practice, we offer Boutique Whitening to help improve the appearance of your teeth and give you a whiter and brighter smile.


What is Boutique Whitening?

Getting your teeth whitened professionally with a dentist is the only safe and approved way to achieve an improved appearance for the colour of your teeth effectively. Boutique Whitening is our choice of treatment for patients looking for white teeth Sutton because it offers flexibility of when you choose to use it, wearing a more concentrated solution for a couple of hours in the day time, or a less concentrated solution for a longer period at night time. It is a premium quality brand that delivers – we even use it ourselves!

How does Boutique Whitening work?

After an examination of your mouth to check that you are eligible for whitening treatment, your dentist will discuss which treatment would work best for you and your lifestyle – night or day. You will then have photographs taken of the colour of your teeth, as well as some scans or impressions which will be sent off to the laboratory at Boutique Whitening. There, they will make your bespoke and custom-fitted whitening trays.

Once the trays return to us, one of our dentists will fit them to your mouth and show you how to use the whitening syringe. You will also be told how long to wear the trays with the solution in for and you should start to see noticeable results in just a few days. It’s really easy to do and you will be smiling brightly when you know you’re making great progress on the aesthetic appearance of your teeth.

What does the solution contain?

The formulas vary depending on whether you have the night or day kit. For the day kit, it contains 6% hydrogen peroxide; the night kit contains either 10% or 16% carbamide peroxide. The end results should be the same, but we can advise you on which formula will work best for you based on your dental history, your lifestyle and your preferences. 

If getting a glowing smile is currently on your wishlist, why not make your wish come true? Visiting us at Benhill Dental Practice for white teeth Sutton will ensure that you get the treatment you need to achieve effective and noticeable results in a safe and reliable way. We have substantial experience in supporting our patients in this area of dentistry and we understand the desire to have a smile that looks like it’s from the pages of a magazine. We also don’t see why anyone shouldn’t have a little bit of magic in their lives and make their dreams a reality. Stop feeling self-conscious and seize the day.

Do you have healthy gums in Sutton?

We often hear lately about the huge proportion of people who do not have healthy gums in Sutton and find that they spit blood after they have brushed their teeth or experience some degree of swelling or pain in their gums over time.


Many of us brush this issue aside, as it is common and a complication that does not directly impact your lifestyle or your health and wellbeing. Unfortunately, if you do not have healthy gums in Sutton, then you are likely to experience ongoing issues with your health as a result and we urge you to mention it to your dentist when you pop in for your routine biannual checkup, so that we can quickly and easily address the issue for you.

Even though this is one of many things in life that we tend to put aside for another time, it does play at the back of our minds and, like anything else, these small concerns can gradually build up and play a part in your emotional wellbeing, as well as your physical health. There comes a time when addressing these issues allows you to take that weight off your shoulders and knowing that you are caring for yourself properly can make you feel a whole lot better and allow you to spend more time doing the things you love.

Why is having good oral health so important?

Healthy gums in Sutton are very important because they are essentially supporting cushions for your teeth which need to be strong and healthy in order for your teeth to be healthy. Underlying gum disease, if left untreated, can lead to periodontitis which affects the entire tooth and can eventually result in teeth loss, so you really need to address the concern quickly in order to ensure your smile is as healthy as it can be.

How can I care for my gums?

We often suggest that you see a professional who cleans your teeth with specialised tools as well as visiting a dentist for general maintenance and health checks. This hygienist will remove the plaque and tartar that may be present on your teeth and can damage your gums if cemented for too long.

They will also work on improving the quality of your gums so that they are able to be the supporting cushions to your teeth that they need to be and thus improve the overall health of your smile. A lot of the care can be done by you and we will provide you with specific information and instructions that you can follow that are designed to help your personal and unique situation. It could be that we recommend you use a softer toothbrush or clean your teeth in a certain way, using a preferable toothpaste.

We might also suggest that you come in to see us more frequently so we can better monitor any changes to your teeth and gums, we can then react quickly should they deteriorate too quickly for your overall health and wellbeing.

However we can and will work together with you to help you to achieve a healthier and happier smile.

How can I keep my healthy gums in Sutton?

It takes a committed and experienced professional to provide you with the right kind of service and advice to ensure that you can maintain your healthy gums in Sutton. Furthermore you do need to enlist the service of either a dentist or a specialised professional who uses specific tools to keep your teeth clean.


These professionals are charged with a duty of care to keep your teeth clean so that you can have healthy gums in Sutton because having healthy teeth enables your gums to be clean, strong and healthy as well.

Interestingly, healthy gums in Sutton have been linked with reducing the instances of other conditions in the body; a clear observation of how our bodies are holistic entities. Gum disease and heart disease do show signs of having a reputable link, although researchers and dentists cannot quite pinpoint the reason behind the occurrence.

So, if you are wondering why it is so important to keep your gums healthy and to have a bright, clean smile then consider looking beyond the aesthetic implications of an unhealthy smile and delving into understanding why your gums are so important.

Why are my gums so important?

Your gums act as cushions to your teeth. Their role is to surround the lower part of your teeth where they connect to your jaw and help to support them in many ways. This area is very sensitive and our gums are there to protect them. Where our teeth meet our jaw also needs to be stabilised and secured, a role that is supported by your gums as well.

When your gums become inflamed, red or they bleed when you brush them, it can be a sign of gingivitis, otherwise known as gum disease. If you leave gingivitis untreated, it can worsen into another kind of infection called periodontitis which affects your entire tooth. If nothing is done, you may find that you are susceptible to losing those teeth in the affected area which can be a major and detrimental change to your wellbeing.

It is only when we lose our teeth or begin to suffer with poor oral health do we truly recognise the importance of a healthy smile. Not only does an unhealthy smile take its toll on us physically, but a lot of our self esteem is hung on our appearance. We unconsciously judge one another on the appearance of our smile frequently as it is one of the biggest factors in a first impression.

How can I care for my gums?

It is important to brush your gums when you brush your teeth so that you can physically remove the debris that builds up in the small spaces between teeth and gum.

You should also ensure that you visit a professional who cleans your teeth as often as you see a dentist. By removing the buildup of plaque and tartar with specialised tools and providing actionable tips that can help you maintain or improve your oral health, you will be able to enjoy your smile for many years to come.

How to achieve healthy gums in Sutton

Healthy gums may be overlooked by many of our patients, however, they are critical when attempting to maintain a high standard of general oral health! If you are an individual who is searching for a happy (and therefore healthy!) smile, then healthy gums in Sutton could be a good place to start!


Taking care of your smile

At our dental clinic situated in Sutton, our experienced team of dental healthcare professionals take huge pride in the impeccable standard of dentistry they offer to our patients. In addition to the passion of dental care all of our dental specialists share, they also help our patients stay on top of their dental hygiene, therefore maintaining their healthy gums in Sutton.

Staying on top of your dental health

Many patients may believe that maintaining an adequate dental hygiene regime in the comfort of their own home could be enough to get rid of unwanted tartar on the surface of their teeth. Unfortunately, however, this may not necessarily be the case! In addition to brushing twice daily (for a minimum of two minutes) with a fluoride toothpaste, there are further measures that should be taken to ensure patients stay up to date with the health of their smile!

Taking the first step to a cleaner smile

Many patients may unfortunately overlook their bi-annual check-up at their local clinic (this may be due to several factors, such as a fear of the dentist, or the belief that they possess a healthy smile) but this can have a detrimental effect on their dental health. If you are a patient who is considering postponing (or even cancelling their dental appointment altogether) then you may wish to know what to expect during a dental hygiene appointment.

What to expect from a visit to our Benhill Dental Practice

Many of our patients may experience anxiety at the thought of a visit to their local clinic, which is why our team of dental specialists strive to make our patients feel as comfortable as possible within the walls of our dental practice. In addition to the standardised oral assessments many of our patients may expect (such as checking each individual tooth for cavities or signs of decay, to name just a few common examples) our team will also administer several procedures to ensure our patients’ mouths stay clean and healthy!

What is a scale and polish?

A scale and polish is considered as common practice within the world of dental hygiene and is also commonly referred to as a ‘cosmetic clean’. Using a combination of special dental brushes and pastes our team will remove any built-up plaque from the surface of your smile!

What causes tartar on the surface of the teeth?

The accumulation of oral bacteria on the surface of the teeth is extremely common with patients of all ages, many individuals however may be unsure of the exact cause! The accumulation of sugary food and drink can build up on the surface of the teeth (if not removed to a high enough standard when brushing). Over time this can harden into a layer of plaque on the surface of the patient’s smile!

The importance of healthy gums in Sutton

When we think of oral care, the first thing that comes to mind is the teeth and we may often gloss over the importance of the gums. In fact, the gums play a vital role in keeping the teeth protected and well-cushioned as they fit into the bone. We at Benhill Dental Practice know how important it is to look after them with the same care and attention that you give your teeth; to have healthy gums in Sutton is to have good overall oral health and they are not to be overlooked.


Problems with the gums

Gum disease begins with bacterial growth in your mouth that forms in the plaque buildup on the teeth. This can develop with anyone and has at least two stages where you will notice its effects:

Gingivitis – A mild form of gum disease that affects the part of the gum that is in direct contact with the base of the tooth, gingivitis can cause redness, swelling, and even bleeding and if left untreated can turn into periodontitis.

Periodontitis – This is a serious gum infection that affects all of the gum surrounding the tooth and damages the soft tissue of this area by pulling the gum away from the tooth. Forming a pocket that fills with more plaque and bacteria which then eats away at and destroys the bone surrounding the tooth, if it goes untreated it can cause the tooth to become loose and fall out.

What causes gum disease

For healthy gums in Sutton you need to understand the causes of gum disease in order to help you possibly avoid gingivitis:

Hormone changes – during menopause, pregnancy, or even menstruation can make the gums more sensitive and put them at a higher risk of picking up a bacterial infection.

Immune disease – diseases that attack your body’s own immunity will put the gums at a higher risk of picking up a bacterial infection that caused gingivitis.

Medications – Some medications can lessen the flow of saliva and cause a dry mouth. In this case, it is easier to get gum disease because the natural functions that keep your mouth clean are lessened.

Tobacco – Smoking, and dipping make it difficult for the gums to heal themselves and as they are under a constant attack from these products; you are far more likely to get gingivitis than those who do not partake.

Poor oral hygiene – Bad habits like not brushing and flossing on a daily basis can lead to a build-up of plaque which is the perfect place for gingivitis, causing bacteria to breed.

Treatment at the dentist

It is important to visit your dentist regularly to make sure you maintain healthy gums in Sutton and if you experience any changes in your gum health then we encourage patients to seek medical advice before allowing the situation to worsen.

Prevention at home

Maintaining a good oral hygiene regimen daily will keep the gums healthy and the teeth plaque-free and not allow plaque to sit long enough to grow bacteria: brush, floss and, rinse daily to keep on top of your gum health.