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Silver to White Fillings

Do you have prominent silver fillings that make you embarrassed to smile in public? Fillings made from metal amalgam are very strong and durable, but are also very obvious because they do not blend in with the natural colour of your teeth.

silver to white fillingsWhen they were first developed, white or tooth-coloured fillings were not as strong as metal amalgam fillings. These days things have changed; thanks to big advances in materials and techniques used, white fillings are now considered almost as strong as metal ones, and suitable for use in all areas of your mouth.

White or tooth-coloured fillings are made of a very strong composite material. When your dentist places a white filling, they will carefully select a colour of composite that matches closely to the natural colour of your teeth. This means that the fillings will blend in seamlessly to your smile and nobody will know they are there.

At Benhill Dental Practice in Sutton, we offer the option of replacing silver-coloured metal amalgam fillings with tooth-coloured composite fillings, to improve the aesthetic appearance of your smile. If your metal fillings are old, worn or discoloured, or if you just want to give your smile a cosmetic makeover, replacing metal fillings with composite fillings is an excellent option.

This is a simple and fast procedure carried out in a single appointment here at our Sutton dental practice. Your dentist will first remove your old metal fillings from your teeth, using local anaesthetic so that you won’t experience any discomfort.

If there are any new areas of decay, your dentist will also remove these and will prepare your tooth to take a new filling. After carefully choosing the correct shade of composite material, your dentist will place this in the cavity and shape it for a perfect, smooth and seamless fit. Once in place the material hardens quickly, giving you a strong, healthy and natural-looking smile.