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Switching from silver to white fillings; advantages

Are you fed up with seeing black fillings when you smile in photos?

When you come to Benhill Dental Practice, we can help! We can make the switch from silver to white fillings Sutton, allowing you to reap the benefits of composite over metal restoratives.

So, what are some of the benefits of switching from silver to white fillings Sutton?


What is an advantage of switching from silver to white fillings Sutton? Well, for one thing, the result is more likely to last longer!

Amalgam fillings are made from a mixture of different metals, which makes the final filling or crown durable under pressure, thus allowing you to bite and chew without issue. However, as is the way with all metals, amalgam can expand under hot temperatures and shrink back down when it gets cold, far from ideal if you regularly drink tea or enjoy iced water!

The result is that if you have an amalgam restorative, you are at a higher risk of needing it replaced more often, while also suffering the nasty side-effects that can come with a missing restorative, such as a toothache or abscess!

Composite does not react in such a way to changes in temperature, and thus provides a longer-lasting filling.


There’s no easy way to say this; if you have a metal filling, it is likely to look black, blue or even green under certain lighting. Not exactly what you want to have when laughing or smiling for photos!

And while there is nothing wrong with this if the filling is placed on the back molars, it can cause issues with your smile if it is nearer to the front. One of the best things about having a white or composite filling fitted is that our team can match its colour perfectly to the surrounding tooth, meaning it is visually seamless. Should you need the filling to be placed on top of a molar, we can create all the nooks and crannies that are required to keep it looking realistic. And voila! A restored tooth that doesn’t draw attention or doesn’t appear discoloured!


The enamel on your teeth is porous, hence why many people suffer from dental sensitivity. The holes in the enamel become elongated or exposed due to diet or abrasion, making it feel uncomfortable when you consume hot or cold drinks.

While amalgam or silver fillings aim to resolve this somewhat, when compared to the structure of composite, they are also quite porous. And so, if you have a deep filling or crown that is made from amalgam, silver or another metal, it is more likely to create new sensitivity issues.

If you notice sensitivity in one of your teeth that has a silver filling, please talk to our team about having it replaced with composite.


When fitting a metal filling, our team will usually have to remove more of the healthy tooth around the decay. Why?

Because the metal or amalgam doesn’t bond to the tooth as well as the composite material does, meaning that we have to make the hole larger. But this in turn means that there is a higher chance of the filling falling out when exposed to pressure, not to mention the issues that it can cause with sensitivity.