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Broadening your knowledge on dental veneers Sutton

Things to know

Improving your teeth without extensive dental surgery has never been easier, and this is where veneers Sutton really shine. One of the more popular cosmetic treatments at Benhill Dental Practice is the dental laminate or veneer, which continues to protect the health and functionality of the tooth without a lengthy procedure to get there. Often made from porcelain, the dental veneer sits over the natural tooth, enabling it to fit in easily with the natural smile.


The benefits of the dental veneer

Aside from protecting the tooth from physical damage, veneers Sutton can also alter the appearance of the tooth, which is one reason why so many patients seek out the treatment. This particular treatment can be used for a variety of reasons, including minor misalignments, hiding away any discolouration to the tooth and creating a protective barrier around the tooth whilst blending it into the surrounding smile.

When the tooth chips or fractures, it may be that the structural integrity of the tooth weakens and becomes compromised. Whilst this may seem like the worst-case scenario, in truth, this is more common than people think. Veneers Sutton are just one of the ways to re-strengthen the tooth and provide a layer of protection over it to avoid further damage.

The consultation

As with all dental treatments and procedures, at no point are you left on your own. Whilst the final decisions are of course all yours, working together as a team, we will get you the results you are after. From answering your questions to filling in the gaps in knowledge, our dental team at the practice will ensure that you feel supported and comfortable before going ahead with the dental veneers.


Every single tooth, no matter who the patient, is unique – from the shape to the colour. This is why veneers are customised to fit the individual’s teeth. Working together, we can establish the correct colouration for your dental veneer so that it blends in easily with the surrounding teeth. With a variety of colours available, rest assured that no one will notice the difference unless you want them to!

A quick-fix solution

Once the consultation process has taken place, there is often very little need to delay or lengthen the process of getting your veneers in place. Within just one or two appointments, your teeth can have a replenished appearance, whether it be in shape or colour. This quick-fix enables patients to avoid delays and achieve a healthier looking smile in a minimal amount of time.

The continuous aftercare

Caring for your smile, with or without different treatments, is of utmost importance in protecting your overall oral health. Once you begin to delve into the world of dental veneers, although the natural tooth is protected, this does not mean that the daily oral hygiene process can be neglected. Protecting your smile with or without the oral veneers is always the top priority; therefore, health check-ups with our dental team are still important and should be attended regularly.

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